Student Technology Assistant Program


The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program pairs technically skilled students with faculty members to develop independent, semester-long, technology-based projects that enhance curricula at the University of San Diego. STAs have a unique opportunity to learn new technologies on the job while gaining practical work experience and supporting faculty integration of technologies.
In past years, STAs and Faculty have worked on a variety of innovative projects from database design, video editing and digitization of material to engaging ways to utilize social media tools. Past Projects have Included:

  • Creation of lectures, tutorials, and simulations using Captivate or other screen capture technology and integrating into Blackboard course
  • Multi-media production: Audio (podcasting/iTunes U) and video editing (iMovie, Final Cut Pro)
  • eBook and iBook creation and publishing
  • Mobile app development
  • Filming, editing and production of student presentations or faculty lectures
  • Investigation and implementation of emerging technologies
  • 3-D Modeling using Rhino, SketchUp
  • Collaborative class digital magazine

The STA Program is support by the Provost's Office and executed by Academic Technology Services. 


Faculty Application - Use this link to begin submitting your project proposal. 

Student Technology Assistant - Students should use this link to submit their applications for consideration into the program. 

  • Information for Faculty
  • Project Criteria
  • Information for Prospective STAs
  • STA Project Showcase