Student Technology Assistant Program


The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program pairs technically skilled students with faculty members to develop independent, semester-long, technology-based projects that enhance curricula at the University of San Diego. STAs have a unique opportunity to learn new technologies on the job while gaining practical work experience and supporting faculty integration of technologies.
In past years, STAs and Faculty have worked on a variety of innovative projects from database design, video editing and digitization of material to engaging ways to utilize social media tools. Past Projects have Included:

  • Creation of lectures, tutorials, and simulations using Captivate or other screen capture technology and integrating into Blackboard course
  • Multi-media production: Audio (podcasting/iTunes U) and video editing (iMovie, Final Cut Pro)
  • eBook and iBook creation and publishing
  • Mobile app development
  • Filming, editing and production of student presentations or faculty lectures
  • Investigation and implementation of emerging technologies
  • 3-D Modeling using Rhino, SketchUp
  • Collaborative class digital magazine

The STA Program is support by the Provost's Office and executed by Academic Technology Services. 


Faculty Application - Use this link to begin submitting your project proposal. 

Student Technology Assistant - Students should use this link to submit their applications for consideration into the program. 

What is the Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program?

The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program pairs technically skilled students with faculty members to develop independent, semester-long technology-based projects that enhance curricula at the University of San Diego. STA students have an opportunity to get hands-on practical work skills and learn new technologies on the job, and teach their faculty partners how to maintain their projects for future classroom use.

Proposals and Applications

Proposals are being accepted for Fall 2016!

Deadline: August 15, 2016

What Types of Projects Can STAs Take On?

The response to the STA program has been extremely positive. To date we have paired students with professors on approximately 90 projects. Projects have represented a variety of technology-based skills which include (but are not limited to):

  • Blackboard Olé course development and/or redesign
  • Development of learning modules including blogs, discussion boards, wikis, etc.
  • Course/departmental web site design and development
  • Multi-media production: Audio (podcasting/iTunes U) and video editing (iMovie, Final Cut Pro)
  • Basic animation (Flash, Quicktime)
  • Database design and development
  • Web 2.0 - Second Life, Facebook, Twitter
  • 3-D Modeling - Rhino, SketchUp
  • Conversion of transparencies and slides to digital formats for PowerPoint or web presentations/galleries
  • Create on-demand lectures, tutorials, and simulations using Captivate or other screen capture technology
  • MySQL database creation

Faculty Information

Benefits to Faculty

STA services allow you to...

  • Take on a technology-based project you have been putting off
  • Receive technical assistance from a skilled student partner and IT employee
  • Enhance your curriculum with emerging technologies
  • Receive the training and support you need in order to maintain your project once it is completed

Faculty - How do I apply to the program?

Limited space is available and proposals will be reviewed and selected by an Advisory Committee. Faculty interested are encouraged to put forth a strong proposal by the deadline posted above.

Proposal Information
Faculty Proposal Form (please provide detail)
Frequently Asked Questions- Faculty
STA Project Showcase 2007 - 2016

Strong Proposals Should Consider the Following:

  • Projects must yield results that will enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom (either face-to-face or online), facilitating student learning
  • The number of students benefiting from the outcome of the project will be considered
  • The depth and scope of the project should ensure sufficient new learning experiences for the STA
  • If proposing development of a Blackboard Olé course, instructors must have attended the necessary training
  • Instructors must be available and prepared to begin work on their project at the time of acceptance into the program

Student Information

Benefits to Students

The STA program provides...

  • Excellent opportunity for students with interests in the field of technology to enhance their knowledge and experience with additional training and hands-on work on projects
  • Paid training in using various digital-media software and associated equipment
  • Working on projects in conjunction with technical specialists in Academic Technology Services.
  • In addition to learning new skills, STAs enjoy flexible hours. Deadlines must be met, but for the most part you set your own work schedule.
  • Enjoy challenging projects working with the latest software and computer technology
  • Great experience to include on your resume!

Students - How do I apply for employment?

ITS currently employs 8-10 STAs each semester. Students who are interested in bettering their technology skills and enjoy challenging, self-paced work are encouraged to apply to the program. Additional and ongoing training will be provided by ATS in order to prepare students for specific project needs. Good time management skills required.

Student Employment Application
Frequently Asked Questions - Students
STA Project Showcase 2007-2016

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  • Project Criteria
  • Information for Prospective STAs
  • STA Project Showcase