iPad Project for Faculty

In the Spring semester of 2012, we launched our first phase of the iPad study, implemented as the Classroom Project. But, in order to encourage and work with faculty on subsequent semester projects with their class, we realized that was important to provide them with an iPad for their experimentation ahead of their proposal construction in order to explore and adapt their syllabus and curriculum requirements and projects.

iPad Exploration Application

Purpose of Exploration Phase

To provide faculty with an opportunity to explore potential apps that would be useful in their curriculum and allow them time to design a proposal that for the classroom project in order to test their suggestions in the classroom. The 3-month period would allow ample time for syllabus development and adjustment, to incorporate course work requirements/assignments, and to develop the Classroom Project Proposal. Outcomes of this project will help us to broaden our understanding and implement best practices that will improve the teaching and learning experience on our campus, and share potential uses of iPad in higher education.

Deadlines and Important Dates

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  • Apps and Apple iTunes — Ownership
  • Final Report