iPad Apps

Pages icon. Pages $19.99 Word processor for document authoring. Writing in class essays and using to prep for Keynote presentations.
Numbers icon. Numbers $19.99 Spreadsheets, charts, tables, and other data management. Oraganizing empiracal data and summarizing using graphs and statistical functions.
Keynote icon. Keynote $19.99 Presentation tool for slide creation. Followed along on iPads during in-class lectures and create presentations for class.
Blackboard icon. Blackboard Mobile Learn Free Access Bb courses/grades, get notifications, take exams. In-class assessments using Blackboard's assessment tools.
iAnnotate icon. iAnnotate PDF $9.99 Annotate PDFs, Word and PowerPoint files. Pre-class annotations of assigned readings and in-class annotations and note taking.
Neu.Notes icon. Neu.Notes $1.99 Handwrite, draw, sketch, map using stylus.
SugarSync icon. SugarSync Free Cloud document access and storage, share with others.
WordPress icon. WordPress Free Manage and contribute to your blog or website.
iReader Play icon. iReader Play Free Aggregates articles, web pages for future reading.
Apple Camera icon. Apple Camera Free Built-in, used for capturing photos, video. Great for capturing whiteboard notes in class.
Dragon Dictation icon. Dragon Dictation Free Voice authoring for email, documents, social networking.
Skype icon. Skype Free Voice and video calls, instant messaging.
Mendeley icon. Mendeley Free Manage reference library and organize research documents.
Curatr icon. Curatr Free Curate collections of learning objects. Manage class resources and collaborate.
TED icon. TED Free Video library featuring experts in education, tech, and business.
iTunes U icon. iTunes U Free Catalog of free educational content from leading universities.
The Guardian icon. The Guardian Free News distribution for the Guardian and the Observer.
Green News icon. Green News $1.99 News on environment, sustainability and green issues.
Flashcardlet icon. Flashcardlet Free Create/share flash cards for class materials study purposes.
Demibooks Composer Pro icon. Demibooks Composer Pro $9.99 Create interactive books and stories.
Penultimate icon. Penultimate $0.99 Handwriting, sketching, drawing, and note taking.
Blogsy icon. Blogsy $4.99 Create blog posts, add photos and video.
Mighty Meeting icon. Mighty Meeting Free Host online meeting, project, share, integrates with Dropbox.
Quickoffice icon. Quickoffice Free Productivity suite, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation creation.
Mobile Mouse icon. Mobile Mouse $2.99 Turns your ipad into a track pad for your computer.
Notability icon. Notability $0.99 Note-taking, handwriting, sync to Dropbox. Annotate classmate's writing and then share them to Dropbox.
Airsketch icon. Airsketch $9.99 Project PDFs, presentations, annotate, wireless whiteboard.
iTalk Recorder icon. iTalk Recorder Free Record audio, email recordings, capture a lecture.
Teacher Tool icon. Teacher Tool $27.99 Gradebook, calendar, notebook, course register.
Micromedex icon. Micromedex Free Information on various pharmaceuticals. Find information about drugs that related to in-class exercises.
Evernote icon. Evernote Free Productivity app used for note taking and remembering things. Audio recording of lectures and interviews.
Dropbox icon. Dropbox Free Cloud style digital folder for documents, photos and videos. Collaborate and share documents and class assignments.