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Assistance Using Sphere

After logging into Sphere, you have access to a plethora of help tools to assist you with navigating through and using Sphere. To access this help, you may click on “Help” or “Training & Support” in the top right corner of you Sphere home screen (these are found below under¬†Links).

Below is a list of helpful content to get you started using Sphere:

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Sphere Training

Sphere training is available to all users of Sphere at the University of San Diego. All new users will be required to have inital training. If you require follow up training, or are a new user, click the following link to request training. You will be required to log into My.SanDiego to request training. Please be sure to check the available help documents and links for assistanceon a specific problem before requesting training.


For all email inquiries regarding assistance using Sphere, please contact

For advanced technical support, or to report a problem with using Sphere, please contact a Sphere representative directly at 1 (800) 443-9441.. If any case is started with Sphere, please forward the email, including the case number, to Steffanie Hoie.