Blackboard Learn Ultra Pilot

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 The Ultra experience for Blackboard Learn is a new, user experience that is modern, intuitive, and personalized. It is characterized by simplified workflows and an accessible, fully responsive design – making it easier than ever to teach and learn, from any device.

ATS is  soliciting faculty input and feedback on the Ultra course experience! The migration to SaaS provides the environment necessary to conduct a pilot of Learn Ultra.

This web page will provide information on Learn Ultra's next generation design and how you can try your own course in Ultra.  


 Watch the video: Introduction to Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience. 


Faculty will enjoy the streamlined ULTRA course interface, easier navigation, intuitive design and many added features to support online facilitation. Explore the instructor view and the Blackboard ULTRA site:  



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Take 5 minutes to try out your course in the new Ultra Experience. 

How to Test Your Course in Ultra Preview
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  • Sign Up for CourseSites Preview
  • Download a Current Course Copy 
  • Upload to Preview in Ultra









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Applications to pilot Blackboard Cloud Hosting and Blackboard Learn Ultra have been reviewed and those accepted have been notified. Return to this web page for updates as to their progress. 

  • USD's Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience will not be enabled after migration, although we now have a viable environment to run a pilot program.
  • The faculty steering committee and ATS will assess institutional readiness alongside the Ultra feature product release schedule. 

The Ultra course experience is streamlined for mobility, responsive design, and fingertip navigation. One of the main objectives of the Ultra Pilot program is to assess the viability and benefits of Ultra in terms of USD's institutional strategy and student academic needs. 

As you Preview Your Course in Ultra you may notice that not every current Blackboard feature will convert. Some of the original view features are not going to be a part of Ultra, others are still in development. The Ultra Pilot will scope the features our faculty use alongside the Ultra and the planned release dates.

Blackboard Ultra product development is listening to feedback from the faculty community King out product features. If you have feedback or suggestions, you can send it to the Blackboard Community page. 


Ultra Pilot Events | Sprints

Upcoming Training

  • Jan23

    Bb Orientation

    Wednesday, January 23, 2019 //10:00am to 11:30amSerra 134 5998 Alcala Park
    San Diego, CA 92110

  • Jan24

    Bb Orientation

    Thursday, January 24, 2019 //1:00pm to 2:30pmSerra 134 5998 Alcala Park
    San Diego, CA 92110

  • Jan25

    Blackboard: Grade Center

    Friday, January 25, 2019 //10:00am to 11:30amSerra 134 5998 Alcala Park
    San Diego, CA 92110

  • Jan29

    Bb Orientation

    Tuesday, January 29, 2019 //10:00am to 11:45amSerra 156B 5998 Alcala Park
    San Diego, CA 92110

  • Feb6

    Bb Orientation

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019 //10:00am to 11:45amMaher 114 5998 Alcala Park
    San Diego, CA 92110

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