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IT Procedure on Apple iPad Support and Purchasing

May 26, 2010

ipadThis IT procedure pertains to purchasing and IT support of university iPads by USD faculty and staff. It does not apply to the purchase of personal iPads. Personal iPads are not supported by university Information Technology Services.

As of May 26, 2010, a new practice was implemented pertaining to the purchase of Apple iPads at USD. Specifically, these are iPads that are used for University academic and business activities. Requests and justifications for purchases of iPads will be made through Information Technology Services at the following website:

Requests for reimbursement of an iPad purchase or iPad accessory(ies) purchase made outside the university (for example, at the Apple Store) will be denied by USD Procurement. This procedure also provides proper asset control and allows the university to maximize purchasing power.

Requests for university iPads are required to go through the ITS website and will be reviewed and approved in a manner similar to requests for second computers. All requests must be accompanied by clear justification of academic/business purpose and proper departmental and budget approvals. The iPads purchased through the University will be considered a university technology asset and tagged and inventoried through the ITS asset management system. Please note that any university iPad purchases will include a $99 two-year AppleCare support contract.

The university will not pay for any cellular voice/data plans associated with iPads. Those cellular service plans shall be paid by the individual or with approved departmental budget or grant funds. The individual user, or the user's department with approval, will be responsible for any charges related to acquisition of individual applications for the device. Applications may be purchased directly from the Apple App Store (ie. iTunes) by the user or user's department. If any applications will be paid for with university funds, a justification of academic/business purpose must accompany the invoice receipt.

Future generations of the iPad may resolve current problems with the operating system, printing capabilities, etc. Certainly, if Apple formulates agreements with textbook publishers, it will revolutionize the way academia may deliver textbook content and course packs. In the future, as Apple improves the device, there is a possibility that we will list the Apple iPad as an option in the USD Computer Replacement Program (CRP). This procedure and the procedures will be revised as iPad technology evolves.

For questions about this new purchasing practice, you may contact