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Computer Equipment Replacement

ITS follows several procedural guidelines for the Computer Replacement Program to ensure that employees can request and receive upgraded technology in a timely manner.

Eligible employees should contact their faculty/staff representative, area technician, or a staff member in Information Technology Services as the third anniversary of their desktop equipment approaches or to find out if their computer is up for replacement. All appropriate administrative and technical representatives are listed on our Computer Options site.

Eligible employees should review standard computer configurations and specifications on the Computer Options Web site. Standard specifications are reviewed and updated biannually (or as needed) so that USD employees have access to current information tools.

Employees may then submit their computer requests to their faculty/staff representative. Employees are strongly encouraged to speak with their area technician prior to submitting a request form so that the equipment requested meets the employee's work requirements. No changes or modifications can be made to a request after the equipment has been approved and ordered. The employee's department will be responsible for purchase of any external hardware items for the system if additional capabilities become necessary after the fact.

Approved requests are forwarded to Information Technology Services for ordering. Orders are placed every few weeks, since ITS normally places orders in bulk to receive discounted pricing.

Depending on the vendor involved, computer systems generally take one to three weeks to arrive to campus. After a system arrives to campus, it is placed into the queue of a member of Desktop Support Services who images and prepares the computer. You will then be contacted to schedule an appointment for installation of your new computer and pickup of your old computer system.

Please note that when your new computer is delivered and installed in your office, the displaced equipment cannot remain in your office. Prior instances of this practice resulted in a shortfall of recycled workstations for part-time faculty, staff, and student employees not eligible for equipment through the Computer Replacement Program. More importantly, with the recent changes in state law, there is an increased liability associated with accidental release of personal information. We need to ensure that all disk contents are removed before a workstation is reallocated for other uses, even if this is within the same office. We also need to ensure that workstations are maintained with current security patches and updated anti-virus software.

After you receive your new computer (or if you have received a computer through the replacement program in the past), you cannot swap the system with a co-worker. At no time is it permissible to exchange equipment with other co-workers or other departments. We inventory machines by employee name and computer serial number and exchanging equipment makes it difficult for us to locate and collect equipment when it is needed for return.