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Standards for Equipment Attached to USD Network

Standards for Equipment Attached to USD Network


USD's academic and business units require continuous use of network services in order to reach both on-campus and Internet resources.  Devices that have been compromised or improperly configured can negatively affect services to part or all of the USD community. In order to prevent this from occurring, the attachment of equipment to USD's network is regulated by Information Technology Services.


The University of San Diego requires that all network devices (e.g., hubs, wireless access points, routers) connected to the campus network must be approved by the ITS department. Actual connections of such devices to the campus network must be performed by the ITS department.


  1. Only authorized personnel from the ITS department may connect devices to USD's network. No other USD employees or students may do so.
  2. Non-University personnel and outside vendors can gain temporary connection to the campus network via a designated campus point of contact. The campus point of contact is responsible for arranging initiation and termination of the temporary connection with ITS. Requests for network service may be sent to
  3. Access to campus building wiring closets is limited to Network Services and Telecommunications staff only.
  4. Changes to campus network routing and topology are limited to the NETS staff.
  5. Any attached wired or wireless devices that cause a service disruption will be removed from the campus network.

Areas Covered:

All areas of the University, its students, vendors, visitors, and other guests, are covered.

Responsible Executive: Vice Provost & Chief Information Officer

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology Services

Date Issued: August, 2006