Information Technology Services

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March 7, 2007

AGENDA:  Information Resources Council Meeting
March 7, 2007, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

1. Approve minutes of previous meeting

2. 2006 Year in Review – Chris

3. ACE letter regarding activities of RIAA

4. Presentation on Web Grades – Pam Caldwell, Matt Brennan – 10-15 minutes

5. Luminis portal is going live April 4, 2007 – Indra Bishop – 10 minutes

6. ITS projects – Infrastructure activities – Doug Burke

a. Daylight Savings Time changes – Rosy Vacchi, Doug Burke

b. Report on HVAC system – complete (at least in P24)

c. New email system

d. Rebuilt Linux Solar server for Math/Computer Sciences; Linux labs

e. Progress on network deployment by Cisco Systems; network will be totally redone before the beginning of next Fall semester

f. All buildings will have wireless access by the end of April 2007

Academic Technology activities – Shahra Meshkaty

g. Position announcement for Linux system architect to support Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Math/Computer Science

h. Establishing committee to assess Clicker technology

i. STA program – funding 7 projects; projects can be executed through spring & summer

j. Horizon Wimba, WebCT 6 migration

k. Committee to evaluate clicker technology

l. Footprints pilot project with faculty of the new Help Desk; more online reporting to improve Help Desk services – Rosy Vacchi

Administrative Systems activities – Rick Seaman

m. Progress on Banner;  speak about Xtender – Rick Seaman, Indra Bishop

n. Kronos timestamp & timecard

o. Resource 25 event scheduling software

7. There will be a meeting on March 28 with the Executive Cabinet to summarize USD's web presence and the website redesign