Information Technology Services

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ITAC (Information Technology Advisory Council) Bylaws

  • The Vice Provost/CIO will serve as Chair, who will report to the Provost. Through the Provost, the Council will advise the President and Vice Presidents as needed.
  • The Provost will be invited to all ITAC meetings.
  • The office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology Services will provide staff support for the Council.
  • Council members are encouraged to offer ideas and recommendations to the Vice Provost/CIO about new technology and services that would enhance teaching, learning, and research activities.
  • Council members will be asked to help review and recommend periodic revisions to the University’s strategic plan for Information Technology.
  • Council members will serve a 4-year term that may be renewed.
  • There are 23 seats on the Council, composed of the Chair (the Vice Provost/CIO); 3 student seats; one University Senate representative; and 18 faculty appointments made by the Provost.
  • Council members may ask another member of their department or college to attend in their place.
  • Meetings will be scheduled twice during the Fall semester and twice in the Spring semester.
  • Minutes of the Council meetings will be posted on the ITAC website.