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Cyd Burrows

Manager, Instructional & Media Technology

Cyd has been with the University of San Diego since 2003 and is currently the Manager of the Instructional and Media Technology unit in Academic Technology Services. She oversees the Instructional Design and Training team, and the Media Services team. Collectively they are responsible for supporting faculty in their adoption and use of in-class and online educational technologies, and classroom technology installations campus-wide. Her area is responsible for critical systems such as Blackboard, as well as media platforms such as Mediasite and Ensemble, and the team provides a wide variety of training opportunities to all campus constituents. In addition, she oversees and administers the iPad Classroom Project in conjunction with the Sr. Director, and oversees the development and delivery of the Summer Innovation Institute, a 2-week faculty development initiative held each summer focusing on technological proficiencies and reinforcing pedagogical best-practices through appropriate instructional design.

Cyd’s interest in technology extends far beyond the workplace and she studies Geographic Information Science and Technology at the University of Southern California currently, and enjoys learning new applications that can enhance her photography, music, and art and craft interests. In addition, she enjoys traveling to far away places and is an avid archaeology enthusiast, actively participating on an excavation team and performing research in the Golan Heights region of Israel for the past four years.


Cyd Burrows

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