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Doug Burke

Senior Director, Network Infrastructure Systems & Services

I am the Senior Director of Network Infrastructure Systems and Services. Network Infrastructure includes hardware support for the server and mass storage systems for all the business and academic applications including email, portal, Banner, Oracle, Internet, wired and wireless networks, cable television, and voice communications. Our goal is to provide secure and reliable end-to-end voice, video and data communications.

The Infrastructure teams are constantly modernizing our campus technologies and there are a lot of logical and physical “moving parts.” USD’s network is not like your home network and has been specifically architected to be secure. Our biggest challenges today are all the devices wanting access to our campus network and the Internet. Maintaining security is a balancing act between that “wanting” and USD’s requirements for protecting our students’, employees’, and guests’ personal information. Security is always inconvenient until someone loses your identity – then it was not enough! Ultimately, USD’s reputation is at stake and as the gatekeepers we take this responsibility serious.


Doug Burke

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