Information Technology Services

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Roberta Roebuck

Senior Web Developer, School of Law

MBA, CSU Chico, Management Information Systems (MIS)
BA, CSU Chico, Graphic Design
BS, CSU Chico, Business Admin with MIS, Accounting and ERP

In this position I provide strategic planning for the law school's website and assist departmental maintainers with the use of a web content management system (CMS) and the university-wide news and events web application (MyPostings). I am also responsible for the coordination, development, and implementation of client websites, including development of relational databases and secure web–based applications, ensuring conformity with campus and general web standards and guidelines.

I also lead redesign projects as part of the Information Technology Services (ITS) team and instruct classes in the IT Training program. I specialize in client relations, project managment and website information architecture.

I work for both ITS and the School of Law.


Roberta Roebuck

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