Undergraduate Majors

The University of San Diego offers 43 different bachelor's degrees, several with areas of specialization. The list below shows the degrees and concentrations currently offered. Detailed information about requirements for these degrees is available through the Undergraduate Course Catalog. Each degree below is linked to the academic department offering the degree, and the department page will open in a new window.

College of Arts and Sciences
BA in Anthropology
BA in Architecture
BA in Art History
  General subdiscipline
  Art Administration subdiscipline
  History and Theory of Architecture subdiscipline
BA in Behavioral Neuroscience
BA in Biochemistry
BA in Biology
BA in Biophysics
BA in Chemistry
BA in Communication Studies
BA in English
  Creative Writing emphasis
BA in Environmental and Ocean Sciences
  Environmental Science pathway
  Environmental Studies pathway
  Marine Ecology pathway
BA in Environmental Studies (pre-2016)
BA in Ethnic Studies
  Creativity and Spirituality concentration
  History and Identity concentration
  Institutions and Activism concentration
BA in French
BA in History
BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities
BA in International Relations
BA in Italian Studies
BA in Liberal Studies
  Art concentration
  History concentration
  Life Science concentration
  Literature concentration
  Marine Science concentration
  Mathematics concentration
  Multicultural Studies concentration
  Music concentration
  Spanish Language & Latin American Cultures concentration
  Theatre concentration
BA in Marine Science (pre-2016)
  Biology pathway
  Earth Systems pathway
BA in Mathematics
  Applied Mathematics emphasis
BA in Music
BA in Philosophy
BA in Physics
BA in Political Science
BA in Psychology
BA in Sociology
  Community, Urbanization, and Culture concentration
  Crime, Justice, and Law and Society concentration
  Power and Inequality in Global Perspective concentration
BA in Spanish
BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
BA in Theology and Religious Studies
BA in Visual Arts
  Art, Technology, and Critical Studies concentration
Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering
BS/BA in Electrical Engineering
BS/BA in Industrial and Systems Engineering
BS/BA in Mechanical Engineering
BA in Computer Science
School of Business
Bachelor of Accountancy
  Accountancy option
  Accountancy and Finance/Real Estate combination
  Accountancy and Information Systems/Technology combination
  Accountancy and Supply Chain Management combination
BA in Economics
BBA in Business Administration
BBA in Business Economics
BBA in Finance
BBA in International Business
BBA in Marketing
BBA in Real Estate

The University of San Diego reserves the right to add or withdraw programs whenever such changes are adjudged to be desirable or necessary.

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