Institutional Review Board

The IRB reviews all research conducted by USD students and employees. Each academic unit at USD has an IRB Committee Representative who is available for consultation and is required to approve the IRB application. Administrators should consult with the IRB Chair, Dr. Jane Georges.

USD requires the use of ethical principles and acceptable conduct in research involving human subjects. All researchers are required to be familiar with the following:

In addition, all persons must show proof of IRB training. This includes persons who will not have contact with human subjects and students serving as research assistants.  Each researcher named in your study is required to have a current training certificate. USD accepts either CITI or NIH certificates (NIH training is no longer available as of 9/26/18). Training certificates (and faculty advisor’s letter of support for students) are required to complete the application. A link for CITI training certification and IRB application instructions with screen shots are available on the USD IRB website.

New IRB applications received in electronic form only. There are no deadlines for most IRB applications at USD. Click on the Review Process tab above for application instructions in Cayuse IRB.

Legacy studies are existing IRB applications completed on paper, prior to January 2017.  Any action on these studies is through Cayuse, with the exception of a Modification. Click on this link to access Modification form to attach in your study as follows:

  1. Open study in Cayuse
  2. Click the blue button in the top right corner that reads “New Submission.”
  3. Click on the Modification option and complete the template as directed.
    (This is where you will attach the Modification form.)
  4. Be certain to click on "Submit" and then "Certify" to complete this process.

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Studies
Because USD lacks the expertise and infrastructure to provide proper review and oversight of research studies that fall within the jurisdiction of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), such studies cannot be reviewed and approved by USD’s IRB. Instead, faculty members with an interest in conducting research that is subject to FDA jurisdiction (e.g., research on drugs, biologics, medical devices and foods) are encouraged to form collaborations with researchers at other institutions that do have the capability to oversee such research.