There are a variety of international experiences and opportunities at the University of San Diego. The resources found on this page highlight the various ways in which the University of San Diego embraces its internationalization initiatives.

The entities described below all emphasize international activities and outreach. Please follow the links for more detailed descriptions.

Kroc Institute for Peace and JusticeJoan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice was endowed by Mrs. Kroc to develop programs that foster peace, cultivate justice, and create a safer world. The Institute sees peace as inseparable from justice and acts to prevent and resolve conflicts that threaten local, national and international peace.

Ahlers Center for International Business

Developing business leaders with a global mindset, the Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego designs and delivers a wide array of programmatic offerings and experiences for students, faculty and the business community.

Trans-Border Institute

The Trans-Border Institute is an essential expression of USD's commitment to promote understanding, dialogue and collaboration between Mexico and the United States, and to improve relations between the people and policies of the U.S. and our southern neighbors.

Center for Peace and Commerce

The Center for Peace and Commerce (CPC) is a collaborative effort between the School of Business Administration and the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies to prepare new generations of change makers. The CPC encourages students to develop effective solutions to complex environmental and social problems, and to exercise innovative approaches for making a positive impact on the 4 Ps– people, profit, planet and peace.

Oscar Romero Center for Faith in Action

The Romero Center offers service opportunities to all faculty, staff, students, and administrators at the University of San Diego, including meal deliveries to the homebound, lunch preparation at the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen, and community service in Tijuana.

SOLES Global Center

The Global Center of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) at the University of San Diego, serves to provide students and faculty with information about global education programs and the resources necessary for planning a global education adventure. The Global Center places numerous students in short-term Global Study courses, semester-long Global Student Teaching, Global Exchange and the Global Internship programs.

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The programs described below all have an international emphasis in program content. Please follow the links for more detailed descriptions. See Programs Offered for a full list of programs available at USD.

B.A. Degrees in Languages & Literatures

The Department of Languages & Literatures offers courses in nine languages, with majors in French and Spanish, and minors in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Additional courses are available in Mandarin, Japanese, Ancient Greek and Latin.

B.A. in International Relations

The major in International Relations is designed to give students a holistic understanding of international affairs, providing a strong background in international relations and comparative government as preparation for careers in the U.S. and abroad as well as graduate study.

M.A. in International Relations

The graduate curriculum for International Relations focuses on comparative politics and international affairs to give students an advanced understanding of world politics and thereby enhance their career options, particularly in international fields.

M.A. in Peace & Justice 

The Master of Arts in Peace and Justice  (2-year program) is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for solving today’s most vexing issues. The programs’ practice based curriculum combines social justice, poverty alleviation and conflict resolution. 

M.A. in Social Innovation

The Master of Arts in Social Innovation is offered in the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies. Students look critically at the roots of social challenges and injustice, then seek to create real change through bold new responses to poverty, inequality, human rights abuses and humanitarian crises. 

International M.B.A.

The IMBA is a full-time, cohort-based program designed to be completed in 16 to 22 months. The structure of the program is flexible, offering students a number of elective options in addition to the traditional business foundation courses. Students in the program have international business experiences on two continents that are organized and supported by the Ahlers Center for International Business.

B.B.A. with a Major in International Business

The major in International Business covers a broad range of business skills and knowledge while giving program participants particular expertise in navigating the global business landscape.

LL.M. in Comparative Law

Offered by the School of Law, this Comparative Law program gives foreign-educated attorneys the opportunity to study law by immersion into a contemporary and dynamic J.D. curriculum, which prepares candidates to deal effectively with U.S. attorneys on questions of common interest.

LL.M. in International Law

U.S. law school graduates study international law in a dynamic, multi-cultural city that is the world's busiest land and port entry. Candidates from private, public, and government practices study side-by-side with attorneys, judges, and government officials from around the world.

JD/MA Peace and Law Dual Degree

A concurrent degree program combines a JD from the University of San Diego's School of Law and an MA in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) from the Kroc School of Peace Studies.

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November 13-17, 2017

International Education Week (IEW) is a joint initiative of the US Department of Education and the US Department of State to recognize the global exchange environment between the United States and other countries. All faculty, students and staff are strongly encouraged to participate in the various activities throughout the week! 

International Education Week 2017 Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
13 14 15 16 17

Ahlers Center International Speaker Series: "A Digital Healthcare Revolution" with Alexander Grunewald, Johnson & Johnson 

12:15pm - 1:45pm
Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, Room C

Changemaker Challenge Review Begins
*Finalists announced November 27, 2017

International Exchange Opportunities Exhibition

3:00pm - 4:30pm
SOLES Bishop Buddy Sala

International Center 10th Anniversary Celebration & International Oportunity Grant Reception

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, Room D

International Impact Award Luncheon 

12:00pm - 1:30pm
Solomon Lecture Hall

*Limited space, RSVP Required

Strategies for Using Your International Experience to Advance Your Career

4:00pm - 5:00pm
MRH 133

*Limited space, RSVP Required


International Athlete Student Recognition Event at the Women's Volleyball game (USD v. Santa Clara)

6:00pm - Reception in Warren Hospitality Suite (JCP) - 

Game begins at 7:00pm
Jenny Craig Paviliion

*Tickets for game and reception available in the International Center


International Student Organization Holiday Dinner & Dance
7pm - 9pm
UC Forums


*Event dates and times are subject to change.

Campus Contacts for International Education Week

Kira Espiritu, Ph.D. (Co-Chair) – Director, International Studies Abroad, 619-260-4598

Jessica Calhoun, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)– Associate Director, International Studies Abroad, 619-260-4598

Event Details & Descriptions

Ahlers Center International Speaker Series: "A Digital Healthcare Revolution" with Alexander Grunewald, Johnson & Johnson 

Monday, November 13th from 12:15pm - 1:45pm, KIPJ Room C

Dr. Grunewald leads external innovation in HealthTech at Johnson & Johnson.  Previously, he was the lead for external innovation in digital health at the Innovation Center, and prior to that, he led business development for Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI). Healthcare as an industry makes up 18% of the U.S. economy. It is undergoing rapid change that is being driven by rising cost pressures, increasing consumerism, and the emergence of new technologies that build on the digital revolution.  To succeed in this space, companies have to participate in newly emerging fields such as digital health.  This will require them to adapt what they do and how they do it.  For a 130-year-old company like Johnson & Johnson, that isn’t an easy thing to do.  Several groups have enabled the company to continuously adapt and meet the challenges in the healthcare system.  Dr. Grunewald will discuss the Innovation Centers, JJDC, JLABS, and a dedicated HealthTech team, which are all brining fresh approaches to the company. NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. REGISTER HERE.

Changemaker Challenge Review 

Review begins on Monday, November 13th, Finalists announced on November 27th. 

The 2017-2018 Changemaker Challenge theme is Equity and Access: Education, Housing, and Healthcare. While equality encourages us to treat the same, equity asks us to treat everyone fairly and justly by acknowledging that not everyone starts from the same place, and therefore not everyone has access to the same opportunities. The Changemaker Challenge provides an opportunity for engaging in idea-generation, thus increasing awareness and knowledge about current social and environmental problems and mobilizing people towards problem-solving. To learn more, visit the USD Changemaker Challenge Web Site.

International Exchange Opportunities Exhibition

Tuesday, November 14th from 3:00pm - 4:30pm, SOLES Bishop Buddy Sala

USD faculty and students will share their experiences of how they applied and got into funded international exchange opportunities in Africa and Asia. Presenters include: Serena Pariser, Kay Flewelling, Dr. Rebekka Jez, Paz Valdivia and Robert Brundage.

International Center 10th Anniversary Celebration & International Oportunity Grant Reception 

Tuesday, November 14th from 4:30pm - 6:00pm, Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, Room D

The USD International Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Come kick off International Education Week 2017 and celebrate USD's international endeavors. Included in this celebration will be a toast to Dr. Cynthia Caywood and Dr. David Hay for their work with USD's London Summer Program. Additionally, we will be recognizing the recipients of USD's International Opportunity Grant and their work will be on display. RSVP Requested by November 8, 2017.

International Impact Award Luncheon and Panel: "How Teaching Abroad Changed My Life!"

Wednesday, November 15th from 12:00pm - 1:30pm, Solomon Lecture Hall (inside Maher Hall)

The International Center is hosting a luncheon and panel discussion where some faculty will discuss how their experience teaching abroad has impacted them. Students repeatedly claim that studying abroad  "changed their life" and this will be a lively and fun event where faculty will share some of the transformative experiences they have experienced while abroad and give some insight into understanding the impact that participating in a study abroad program has on faculty and their perspective once they return to USD.  At the luncheon wwe will also honor all of our 2017 International Impact Award Nominees and announce the final recipient. NOTE: Space is limited, RSVP required by November 8, 2017.

Strategies for Using Your International Experience to Advance Your Career

Wednesday, November 15th from 4:00pm - 5:00pm, MRH 133

Study abroad can help your career if you package your experiences succinctly. In this seminar, you will learn specific ways to improve your hiring prospects by leveraging your international experiences. This workshop will be presented by Dr. Peter Maribei (SOLES Global Center Coordinator). Space is limited. Please RSVP

International Athlete Student Recognition Event

Thursday, November 16th at 6:00pm (game begins at 7:00pm), Jenny Craig Pavilion

Join the USD community in honoring our international student athletes, who will be recognized during intermission. USD students can pick up free tickets and t-shirts (while supplies last) at the International Center in Serra Hall room 201. NOTE: Reception in Warren Hospitality Suite will begin at 6:00pm. All attendees must have reception/game ticket to attend the reception. Go Toreros!

International Student Organization Holiday Dinner & Dance

Friday, November 17th from 7:00pm-9:00pm, UC Forums

Join the International Student Organization in celebrating Fall holidays around the world. This student event features an international buffet dinner as well as a DJ and dance-floor. All USD students are welcome.

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University Ministry

USD University Ministry offers monthly service opportunities in Tijuana as well as week-long immersion programs in Latin America. Please feel free to read more information about these programs.

CASA: Center for Awareness, Service, and Action

CASA is a program within the Center for Community Service-Learning that engages over 3,000 undergraduate students annually in direct service or advocacy and awareness projects. Students in service promote the community and work for social change. The vision is global, recognizing that we can act in our immediate community, but that opportunities exist for international action as well.

Romero Immersion Programs

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All USD faculty, staff and students who are traveling abroad on university business are required to register their trip details. This registration is important as it will help USD be able to reach you in the event of an emergency.

Travel Registration Instructions 

STEP ONE: Register your trip.

Use the link below to provide your travel information. 

PLEASE NOTE: The travel registration process is for any INDEPENDENT travel you are doing on behalf of USD (university business). For example: attending a conference, sabbatical, meetings, recruitment, research, consulting, etc.

If you are participating in an organized program through the International Center, SOLES Global, Nursing, Kroc School, Ahlers Center for International Business,  Law School, SLIC, University Ministry or Community Service Learning, you do not need to register using this site. For organized group programs, your information will be collected through the individual department/area arranging your program. 

Click here to access the form (Note: This system is not compatible with Internet Exporer.  Please use another browser):
USD International Travel Registration Form

STEP TWO: Print an insurance card.

Carry this insurance card with you while traveling.

ACE Travel Insurance Card


If you need assistance in completing the online Travel Registration, contact:

Kira Espiritu, PhD
Director, International Studies Abroad
Telephone: 619-260-4598

Jessica Calhoun, PhD
Director, International Studies Abroad
Telephone: 619-260-4598 

If you have questions regarding international insurance, contact:
Robin Eskow
Director of Risk Management
Telephone: 619-260-7677

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