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International Photo Contest -- Win up to $100


University of San Diego Study Abroad Photo Contest

We’ve heard all about your experience, now we want to see pictures of it!

USD will be holding a photo contest for all study abroad participants and we would like your photo submissions. Win up to $100 in Campus Cash.

Submission Instructions:

  • Select up to 2 of your international photos that relate to one or more of the following themes. You can submit a total of 6 pictures (2 in each theme category):
  • Cultural Connections: Photos that show how you interacted with the culture abroad or photos that depict the culture in which you studied. These photos may also depict friendships you made abroad.
  • Architecture/Landscape: Photos that portray the uniqueness and beauty of the land/architecture of the country in which you studied.
  • Torero Pride: Photos that illustrate Torero Pride (wearing USD attire) in the international location.

For each photo, include:

Name of photo and location of where the photo was taken (please be sure to include name of monument, etc., if applicable). OPTIONAL: Brief statement of how this photo relates to the above themes

Submit photos and descriptions electronically to by Friday, October 26.

Photo Contest Timeline:

October 26, 2012: Submission deadline

October 31, 2012: Finalists will be notified with further information

November 1, 2012: Selected pictures and accompanying reflections will be displayed in the SLP Exhibit Hall (for entire month of November)

Mid-November, 2012: Prizes will be awarded at a Reception in the SLP Exhibit Hall (details on day and time will be announced to finalists)

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing your amazing photos!

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