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Finding Support and Acceptance

Another potential challenge that interchurch couples can face is the lack of acceptance from others. This lack of acceptance can come from multiple sources, including parents, siblings, priests and ministers, church members, and even one's partner and children! The extent to which the lack of acceptance is problematic will vary from couple to couple. Some couples will experience little in the way of lack of acceptance, while others may experience strong opposition to their interchurch relationship from family or others. In some cases, this lack of acceptance may become internalized, leading to the individual or couple even feeling embarrassed to admit they are an interchurch couple or family. Debbie, for example, said that it was difficult to acknowledge that not all family members were Catholic. She said that a priest friend “brought us out of the closet.” Over time, she has been able to admit to others that her husband or her boys are Lutheran instead of Catholic. This unit explores the issue of acceptance of interchurch couples, what is often behind the lack of acceptance, and strategies for dealing with lack of acceptance should it arise.