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All Nations Institute For Community Achievement (ANICA) is a network of USD students, staff, faculty, and alumni dedicated to the educational success of American Indians. We work together to build relationships, partnerships, and programs that promote higher education and strengthen tribal communities. We view our actions as vibrant examples of decolonization that engage, support, and empower American Indian communities.

American Indian Recruitment Program (AIR)

The AIR Program promotes higher education and success in academics in the American Indian community. It offers supplemental educational instruction through tutoring, mentoring, and various activities designed to achieve success within high school and higher education. The program provides high school students an opportunity to adjust to campus and academic life before attending the university. College mentors form the foundation of the program. If interested in being a mentor, please contact Dr. Michelle Jacob.

Michelle Jacob, PhD
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies
Maher Hall 206
(619) 260-7742
(619) 260-7625 Fax

Early College Program for All High School Students

This community partnership allows junior and senior high school students affiliated with All Tribes Charter School and the San Diego American Indian Youth Center to take college-credit courses at USD. Students are supported by university, faculty, and staff who encourage them to pursue higher education.

May Fu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies
Maher Hall 208
(619) 260-2214
(619) 260-7625 Fax

Native American Student Organization (NASO)

NASO is a student-run organization that holds community-building activities and events for Native American students at USD. They facilitate awareness about Native issues, concerns, and education, provide an outlet for Native students’ voices, and actively outreach to the Native American community in San Diego.

Michelle Jacob, PhD, Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies
Maher Hall 206
(619) 260-7742
(619) 260-7625 Fax

Community Service-Learning (CSL) / Center for Awareness Service and Action (CASA)

Housed in the Center for Community Service-Learning, CASA increases awareness of the local and global community through expanding and enriching service-learning opportunities. CASA promotes cultural awareness and social consciousness. We make a difference by providing outreach opportunities and making lasting connections between USD and the community. CASA believes in social justice and the promotion of basic human rights through education, service, and inclusion.

Ilana Lopez, Program Director
Center for Community Service-Learning
University Center 113
(619) 260-4798

American Indian Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach

Undergraduate Admissions is committed to welcoming and assisting American Indian students interested in attending USD. We actively recruit nationally to promote USD to American Indian students and educate them and their families on the college process. We are happy to provide you with information about USD and support during the admissions process. They work to support the increased awareness of native perspectives, issues, and concerns at USD and in the larger community. If interested in participating in the network, please contact us for additional information.

Eric Felix, Admissions Counselor
Undergraduate Admissions
Serra Hall 201
(619) 260-4506

(619) 260-6836 Fax

American Indian Alumni Network

A national network of American Indian alumni from USD who provide resources and mentorship to our community.

Persephone Hooper, USD alumna '09

Department of Ethnic Studies

The Department of Ethnic Studies critically examines the historical, cultural, and social dynamics of race and ethnicity in the United States. Our students explore how communities of color transform past colonial legacies into new wisdoms and cultures. Students develop important critical thinking and writing skills while also learning to bridge classroom learning with community work and social activism.

Alberto Pulido, PhD, Chair
Professor of Ethnic Studies
Maher Hall 212A
(619) 260-4022
(619) 260-7625 Fax

To learn more about ANICA, contact May Fu at: (619) 260-2214 or