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Needed Documents For Marriage in the Catholic Church

Each engaged couple is required to submit a variety of documents and paperwork to the church in order to get married. This is part of the process of determining your freedom to marry in the Catholic Church and of registering your marriage with the Catholic party’s church of baptism. To celebrate your marriage in the Church, the following documents will be needed:

  • A Prenuptial Examination Form. This form is to be completed with a priest, deacon or church representative and signed by all parties. (In a Diocese other than San Diego, this form is sometimes called a Pre-Marital Inquiry or Pre-Marital Investigation Form)       
  • Statements of Freedom to Marry. These forms can be obtained at your local parish office and are to be filled out by a parent, sibling or close relative of the bride or groom, who can attest to his or her freedom to marry. One is needed for each the bride and groom.
  • From Catholics, a recently issued baptismal certificate dated within six months of the wedding. From non-Catholics, if baptized, a certificate of baptism is also required, however no time restriction applies.
  • From Catholics, if confirmed, a confirmation certificate. No time restrictions apply and may be a photo copy of the original.
  • A certificate of completion from the Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program and a certificate of completion from either the Engaged Encounter Weekend or Evenings for the Engaged or other comparable preparation programs. If pre-marital counseling is done in lieu of the above preparation programs, a letter from the counselor is required.
  • Officiating priests or deacons from outside the San Diego Diocese are required to submit a letter of good standing from their Diocese in order to obtain delegation.
  • In cases of inter-faith marriages, a Mixed Religion Dispensation or Disparity of Cult Dispensation is needed. This is done by the priest or Diocese who is handling your paperwork.
  • A valid California Marriage License.  In San Diego, this license, good for 90 days, can be obtained at the Marriage License Bureau, County Clerk’s Office, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 273, or at 5473 Kearny Villa Rd., 3rd Floor.
  • For couples that are completing their Sacrament of Marriage after having completed their civil marriage, a copy of their marriage certificate must be provided.

All paperwork should be turned in to the Wedding Director

 AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING unless otherwise specified.