Faith Formation


Religious Education Program for Children

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The following is a breakdown of what our curriculum includes:

  • Pre/K teaches about how much God loves us and that God created the universe.
  • 1st Grade moves into God sending His Son, Jesus, and choosing Mary to be the Mother of Jesus. The children learn many of the things Jesus did and taught and also learn about John the Baptist.
  • 2nd Grade prepares the children who are now at the age of reason for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  A week or so before First Communion, they have a retreat day called Jesus Day.
  • 3rd Grade goes into more depth about Jesus, faith, the Holy Spirit, the Apostles, and how the Church is the body of Christ.
  • 4th Grade teaches about the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes and how the Apostles spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
  • 5th Grade builds on previous years and covers the seven sacraments.
  • 6th Grade covers Divine Revelation handed down through the Bible with an emphasis on Moses, the Patriarchs, and God’s covenant with Noah and Abraham.
  • 7th & 8th Grade covers the life of Jesus and His teachings and the sacraments as well as the beginning of the Church from Pentecost through history, and includes Church teachings and Tradition.

 Confirmation (9th-12th Grade) is divided into four segments: 

  • Journey - to provide a time to discuss our faith at a more mature level.
  • Formation covers quite a lot of theology.
  • Reflection is the immediate preparation for Confirmation.
  • Walking the Walk is a four-week study of hunger and poverty and includes a service activity.

 For more detailed information, please contact Monica Carlin at (619) 574-5702 or You can also visit the Religious Education Program page.


Adults Seeking to Become Catholic

Please contact Rebekka Vieira at (619) 574-5703 to inquire about the process for becoming Catholic.  Read more information on our RCIA program page.