The Immaculata Parish

Drop Shadow

About the Parish

Mission Statement

Our Immaculata Parish Community seeks to be a spiritual people centered in celebrating and living the Eucharist. We want to be listeners and proclaimers of the Word, to be nurtured by one another and, in turn, nurture others.

Our journey to be a Eucharistic people impels us to:

  • Build a loving, supportive community;
  • Celebrate life in the sacraments;
  • Transform our lives by pondering the scriptures;
  • Serve others by promoting peace and justice, and be an outreach to the poor and needy.

We believe that through the power of the Spirit, and our own participation with grace that the Immaculata Parish Community is, and is becoming, the Body of Christ.

What is a Parishioner?

A parishioner is someone who has been registered with the parish office and has been actively and verifiably participating at Mass (usually via the envelope system) at The Immaculata for at least one (1) full year prior to the initial contact with the Parish Wedding Director.