Goal 3

Goal 3: Improving Structural & Operational Effectiveness - Model best practices in institutional sustainability and effectiveness that embodies Pope Francis’ vision for the Care for Our Common Home and embraces USD’s Culture of Care.


Icon of the Earth with the words, "Care for Our Common Home," underneath.

Strategic Goal Committee for Goal 3: Improving Structural & Operational Effectiveness

Co-chairs: Terry Kalfayan, Chris Wessells

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a. Physical and Financial Assets

  1. Address the university’s aging infrastructure and need for expanded learning and living spaces through the implementation of a multi-year facilities plan.
  2. Reduce tuition dependency, increase scholarships through philanthropy, and increase our competitiveness by ranking within the top 100 private universities in terms of endowment.
  3. Exceed the $300 million goal of the Leading Change Campaign by 2018.

b. Processes

  1. Develop a plan for the reallocation of resources to meet the highest academic needs and support growing programs.
  2. Model best practices in environmental sustainability.
  3. Create an environment that fosters and rewards creativity, innovation and interdisciplinary opportunities.
  4. Annually review and implement practices that optimize operational effectiveness, improve service performance and utilization of campus facilities.
  5. Annually demonstrate responsible stewardship and accountability of institutional resources.
Implementation Plan