Goal 1

Goal 1: Enhancing Student Learning & Success - Strategically impact student learning and success through a community that fosters engagement, life-long learning, and a deep sense of belonging and empowers them as alumni to lead purposeful lives.


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Strategic Goal Committee for Goal 1: Enhancing Student Learning & Success

Co-chairs: Noelle Norton, Michael Lovette-Colyer, Margaret Leary

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a. Student Learning

  1. Fully implement the core curriculum by 2021.
  2. Increase interdisciplinary learning opportunities, pilot new educational delivery systems, and expand online offerings.

b. Retention and Graduation

  1. Implement the student life cycle management plan by 2018.
  2. Increase retention and graduation rates to levels consistent with the top quartile of our peers.

c. Career Outcomes

  1. Emulate best practices for engaging alumni throughout their life cycle and annually track success measures for alumni.
  2. Improve processes and procedures that monitor student achievement to increase the number of students that USD annually nominates for the most prestigious awards and recognitions globally.
  3. Enhance the prospects of employment, graduate school opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures, and full-time volunteer service for our students by leveraging our alumni, parent, and affiliate connections and by expanding key business and industry partnerships.
Implementation Plan