Program Review

Consistent with Strategic Planning Goals and the expectations of our regional accrediting agency, USD endeavors to strategically impact student learning and success and to model best practices in institutional sustainability and effectiveness.

Academic  and Co-curricular Program Review – Impact Student Learning and Success

The University’s academic program review process provides a systematic and continuous means of assuring academic excellence in student learning. It is designed to encourage accountability and dialogue among members within the program under review as a self-reflective, continuous process within the broader institutional and discipline-based contexts. The process is meant to assist programs in understanding their distinctive and collaborative roles within the university community and with relevant external constituents. It provides the foundation for assessing student learning and for making evidence-based plans and decisions to foster improvements at all levels of the institution. Program reviews are integral to planning, resource allocation, and other decision-making within the university. Program review components consist of four sections: Introduction and Context, Evidence of Program Excellence, Program Sustainability and Support, and Program Goals and Planning for Improvement.

Administrative Review - Model Best Practices

The University is committed to ensuring its organizational structures and decision-making processes are clear and consistent with its purposes, support effective decision making, and place priority on sustaining institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.