World of Work

Students working with a teacher.

How can a child aspire to a career they don't know exists?

We believe in the importance of combining self exploration with educational and career exploration and planning. This way, every student will know they have unique strengths, interests and values that are needed in the world of work and they will know where those qualities are valued. In partnership with K-12 districts, we help students aspire to careers they didn’t know existed. We integrate a career development approach to our work; it’s less about pipelining and more about know thyself and explore thy impact. Check out the content below to learn more about the World of Work Initiative.

 WoW Theoretical Framework

The WoW recognizes and utilizes the most established career theories.

Two main components make career theories very unique:

1) They each offer specific strengths, and...
2) They are largely complementary.

Therefore choosing one career theory to base the WoW upon is unnecessary and conflicts with the way theories developed in this area of scholarship. In essence, we can take the best components of each theory to help inform and guide the World of Work Initiative in school districts. WoW Theoretical framework.

Spotlight on Cajon Valley

The Cajon Valley Union School District (CVUSD) and the IEE share a common goal to ensure all students have access to practices and environments that promote active, inquiry-based learning to: 1) strengthen their social-emotional skills, including persistence, resiliency, creativity, problem-solving and collaboration; 2) build students’ competence and self-efficacy in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); and, 3) deepen their understanding of their current and future potential to solve complex problems in their local region and beyond.To further these goals, CVUSD and the IEE are partnering together to develop a K-8 World of Work (WoW) learning experience, grounded in student learner identity formation, STEM learning principles, and aligned with career pathways and opportunities in the region.
Begin quote Ed has catalyzed the conversation about education across the county and now across the country. He created a solution for K–12 education when we didn’t know a problem existed. – David Miyashiro, Superintendent of Cajon Valley Union School District
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Minecraft Day at CVUSD
Gain a glimpe into how WoW makes learning fun for students
Presenter on stage at a TEDx talk. Voice of San Diego Podcast Hear CVUSD Superintendent Miyashiro talk about the world of work and the IEE partnership.
Illumina display. WoW Visits: Illumina Learn about the recent CVUSD trip to Illumina to explore the world of work