World of Work Services

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Preparing students for the jobs of the future

The IEE partners with K-12 school districts to inspire the next generation of thinkers, dreamers and innovators - a process that begins with unlocking these same mindsets in our teachers and educational leaders.

The WoW Initiative will help your school/district to explore and better understand the current world of work, importance of students to unpacking their own unique strengths, interests and values, and how to craft learning experiences that will allow every child to discover their place in the world.



World of Work Immersion

In this one-day workshop, participants explore their own strengths, interests, and values and tinker ways to better schools that empower all learners to discover their place in the world.

Timeframe: 1 day

Outcomes: Clifton StrengthsFinder top 5 competency, STRONG interest inventory knowledge, plan applications

Cost: $500 per person


EdTalks - an interactive keynote for students


We are most successful and engaged when we use our strengths to fulfill our requirements and expectations of others. In this interactive keynote, *Ed helps students discover their strengths, interests, and values and the importance of having this knowledge for the world of work.

*Ed Hidalgo is the Director of the World of Work Initiative. Before this role Ed was an executive at Qualcomm where he worked in human resources, staffing and government affairs. As senior director of government affairs he led the development of the Thinkabit_Lab®, a dedicated makerspace providing thousands of San Diego students and teachers exposure to technology and the world of work.

Timeframe: 1-hour presentation

Outcomes: Students obtain Top 5 Gallup Strengths and STRONG Interest Inventory results, student exposure to careers that align with their strengths, interests, and values

Cost: Inquire


WoW District Partnership Package

Based on the district’s needs and vision, we offer this yearlong partnership to districts to collaboratively develop a K-8 World of Work (WoW) district initiative/curriculum/learning experiences grounded in student learner identity formation, STEM learning principles, and aligned with career pathways and opportunities in the region.

Timeframe: Entire school year

Outcomes: WoW vision development, co-created curriculum and collateral materials, teacher trainings

Cost: Inquire

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Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation cuts across all of our services, but may also be it's own partnership service for districts and schools interested in researching the effectiveness of programs and/or pedagogical practices. We conduct systematic, rigorous inquiry to generate new knowledge and inform practical applications and strategic execution.

Timeframe: Semester or yearlong

Outcomes: Data collection on specified program, report of findings, 3-5 actionable recommendations

Cost: Inquire