Workshops @ USD

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Not your typical "PD"

All of our workshops are designed to be transformative in scope and practical in outcomes. You'll be inspired to innovate and have a tangible plan to do so. Our professional learning experts design experiences that are engaging, highly interactive, and individualized to fit your unique needs. Be prepared to collaborate, have fun, and get a chance to network with fellow educators across San Diego County. This is not your typical "professional development."

Designing for Learning

Duration 5 Days
Cost $850
Audience Teachers
In this 5-day workshop series, we work with a select cohort of classroom teachers from around San Diego County to build their capacity to design innovative, research-based learning experiences that foster the competencies students need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. To change how students learn, we must change how teachers learn.  Thus, in this series, we engage teachers in personal and authentic learning, creation of content for an authentic audience, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. 

Coaching for Success

In this 5-day workshop series we work with a select cohort of coaches from around San Diego County to develop the skills and competencies needed for effective coaching that leads to innovative teaching and learning in the classroom.

Duration 5 Days
Cost $850
Audience Resource Teachers
Teacher Leaders
2017 Dates
Day 1 Thursday, September 14th
Day 2 Thursday, October 12th
Day 3 Thursday, December 7th
2018 Dates
Day 4 Thursday, February 1st
Day 5 Thursday, March 8th

Leading with Strengths

Duration 3 Days
Cost $650
Audience School Leaders
District Leaders

In this 3 day workshop series, we work with a select cohort of school leaders or* district leaders from around San Diego County to deepen our understanding of the world of work and its implications for how we learn, collaborate, and engage with the world. Participants will learn about their own Gallup StrengthsFinder and RIASEC profiles, and learn to facilitate strengths-based professional learning.


*workshops are organized separately for school leaders and district leaders for maximum impact through similar positional experiences

World of Work Immersion

Duration 1 Days
Cost $400
Audience District Leaders
School Leaders
Teacher Leaders
To harness the power in each of us, we need to create systems that allow for more personal learning experiences and tap into the strengths and potential of each individual. When we empower our K-12 learners to know how they’re uniquely designed, we know from research that they will find more relevancy in their learning and be more engaged and present in the classroom. But to empower our learners to know themselves, we must start by knowing ourselves first. In this one-day workshop, we explore our own strengths, interests, and values and tinker our way to better schools that empower all learners to discover their place in the world. Note: this workshop will require approximately 1 hour of pre-work, including taking two measures: the Gallup StrengthsFinder and the Strong Interest Inventory.