Innovative Teaching and Learning Partnership Services

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Collaborating to innovate teaching and learning in schools and districts

The IEE partners with K-12 school districts to develop systems that empower educators to cultivate a culture of powerful learning, teaching and leading. Strategic partnerships with K-12 districts not only investigate strengths and barriers to implementation, but also provide teachers and leaders with unique insights, strategies and resources to enhance their practice. We have multiple options for partnership that span from comprehensive, year+ long services to targeted engagements. 

We take a freedom within framework approach: we provide the framework - # of days, research-backed programmatic elements, and facilitation methods - and offer your district the freedom to co-construct a meaningful scope and sequence that meets your unique needs. Our offerings combine elements of individualized learning, project-based pedagogy, design thinking, and deeper learning infused with cutting-eduge uses of the latest classroom technologies.

If you are interested partnering with us, we'll begin with a complimentary consultation that will inform which services are the best place to begin a partnership based on your districts' needs.

360 Needs Assessment

Grounded in research, the 360 Needs Assessment utilizes a mixed-methods approach to help school districts understand the multiple-level contextual factors influencing student outcomes and teacher practice.

Timeframe: ~1 semester

Outcomes: Data collection, presentation of key findings to cabinet, 3-5 actionable recommendations

Cost: Inquire

Leadership Institute

Option A: Vision Development and Strategic Planning

Option B: Messaging and Implementation

Timeframe: 3-5 days over a semester or school year

Outcomes: Shared district vision statement, district-wide strategic plan, site-based action plan for implementation

Cost: Inquire, discounted rate when Options A and B are combined

Design for Learning Cohort(s)


In this workshop series we work with teacher leaders and coaches to design learning experiences that are aligned with the district vision, and grounded in site-based plans.

Timeframe: 5-7 days over a semester or school year

Outcomes: Design thinking based classroom innovations, co-constructed learner/graduate profile

Cost: Inquire

Coaching and Support

Based on the district’s needs and vision, we support implementation of site-based plans for the desired teaching and learning through: Professional Learning Cycles, Learning Walks, Coaching and Feedback, Job-embedded collaboration

Timeframe: 3-5 days over a semester or school year

Outcomes: Site-based plan implementation, classroom instruction and teacher support

Cost: Inquire, offered only to partners opting into one or more of the services above

Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation cuts across all of our services, but may also be it's own partnership service for districts and schools interested in researching the effectiveness of programs and/or pedagogical practices. We conduct systematic, rigorous inquiry to generate new knowledge and inform practical applications and strategic execution.

Timeframe: Semester or yearlong

Outcomes: Data collection on specified program, report of findings,3-5 actionable recommendations

Cost: Inquire, discounted rate when Options A and B are combined

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