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Minors on Campus Registration System

The University of San Diego is pleased to provide innovative and challenging programs to children of all ages through its camp and conference programs.  By attending an academic or athletic youth camp or program at USD, students have the opportunity to enjoy a world of fun while also:

  • Making new friends
  • Gaining valuable athletic and/or scholastic skills
  • Broadening their life experience
  • Learning lessons in leadership, teamwork and responsibility
  • Enjoying USD's outstanding service

Registration is required for all USD-operated activity or program in which a minor (under age 18) will be physically present  and participating. (1) University undergraduate or graduate academic programs in which students enrolled at the University  or another institution of higher education are the only Minors participating in the programs; (2) University events (e.g. fairs, festivals, athletic events, artistic events) that are open to the general public and people of all age groups, but at which  children may be present or participate; (3) University events, programs and activities at which children are expected to be  accompanied and supervised at all times by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s); or (4) activities or programs in which only Minors who participate are University employees. All staff and volunteers working in the covered programs must undergo a background  check and complete the related training module. The University expects all members of the University community to adhere to and act in accordance with the applicable policy and any other related departmental policies and procedures that are related to hosting a covered program.

To access the program registration system, please visit the Program Registration System