Other USD Opportunities

Center for Educational Excellence (CEE): http://www.sandiego.edu/cee/             
The Center for Educational Excellence supports the university in all phases of pedagogical development. The Center is committed to assisting in promoting the institution's core values of academic excellence, knowledge, community, ethical conduct, and compassionate service.

The Center provides a series of integrated programs and events and a variety of resources to assist faculty in creating an intellectually challenging environment for learning. The Center is staffed by the director, and the CEE staff, and is advised by the CEE Advisory Committee with academic representatives.

ITS Tutorials: http://www.sandiego.edu/tutorials/
The iTeam offers training on all of the supported technology on our web site. In addition, faculty and staff from across the university conduct sessions on their areas of technical expertise on a volunteer basis.   You can browse our tutorials by category and month, and use your MySanDiego account to sign up for any open tutorials.

Outdoor Adventures:  http://www.sandiego.edu/oa/   
Outdoor Adventures (OA) is a service program within Student Life at the University of San Diego. OA provides USD community members and their guests with opportunities to experience new adventures that aim to promote learning and awareness of the outdoors, while connecting with new friends, students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Office of the Controller http://www.sandiego.edu/accounting/services/oracle/training.php
Oracle Boot Camp:  This class is required to obtain access to the Oracle Project Accounting application. Project Accounting allows persons with budget oversight to review expenditures against their budget. In this course, users learn how to create and code purchase requisitions, check requests and expense reports with the POETS coding string. This course trains the user on database navigation techniques through the completion of a basic electronic purchase requisition. Users learn to view their budgets within the Project Accounting module and export query-driven data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Advanced reporting techniques are introduced including Noetix reports, screen customization, and the creation of project tasks and subtasks.

Office of Corporate and Professional Education   http://pce.sandiego.edu/index.jsp             
The University of San Diego's Office of Corporate and Professional Education provides a variety of training opportunities that are designed to give professionals working within the national and international business arena the competitive edge.

Specific training programs are developed to help top executives lead effectively, middle managers manage efficiently, administrative staff support proficiently, as well as provide the business skills and tools for sales forces that are necessary to build a company's market share and ensure its continued growth and success. There are no academic requirements to attend our certificate programs, and all instructors are road-worthy entrepreneurs with premier teaching experience.