Collaborative Leadership for Change Program

Envisioning 2024: Collaborative Leadership for Change is a new leadership development program at USD that focuses on developing leadership capacity in faculty, staff, and administrators. It is designed for individuals currently in leadership positions or those who aspire to exercise more effective leadership at USD.

Using aspects of adaptive and integral leadership theory, participants will engage in dialogue to build leadership capacity beyond technical skills and establish a personal leadership style that is authentic and consistent with Catholic traditions of discernment and respect for the dignity of all persons.

Who should attend?

  • Current and emerging leaders, such as directors, department chairs, faculty, administrators, and staff who want to further develop their leadership capacity.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible employees are any faculty, staff, or administrator who meets the following criteria:

  • Employed at USD for at least two years in a non-temporary position
  • Meritorious performance
  • Demonstrated leadership in their current position

Program Timeline

  • Friday, June 30: Deadline for nominations
    • Deans or Vice Presidents may nominate by emailing names to
  • Friday, July 7: HR to contact nominations for additional information
    • Nominees will be asked to complete a written statement.
  • Friday, July 21: Deadline for nominee statements
  • Friday, August 11: Cohort (of 25 participants) selected
  • Tuesday, August 15: Participants notified
  • September 2017 — April/May 2018: Program Workshops:
    • The Real Work of Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence: Engaging in Awareness and Regulation
    • Conscious Leadership: Courage, Choice and Compassion
    • Courageous Conversations: How to Have Them
    • Holding Steady: Managing and Resolving Conflict
    • Energizing Others: Effective Leadership for Groups and Teams
    • Dialogue Across Difference

Program Cost

The total cost for the program is $1400. Please note that $700 will come from a Presidential Scholarship, while the remaining $700 will be department/division funded.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Lynn Levis at