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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get a position posted?
This really depends on a number of things.  In the best case scenario, once we receive the approved Authorization to Recruit and/or Personnel Requisition, a position can generally be posted on the USD website within 48 hours.  In order to ensure the best recruitment strategy, it may take a few days to determine the best external advertising options and to get those postings up. Here is the general process and estimated times to completion.

  • Fill out the Authorization to Recruit and/or Personnel Requisition form and obtain all of the necessary approvals (approximately one day).
  • Human Resources receive the form(s), create a draft posting through iRecruitment and receives a quote from our advertising liaison.  We will send these to you for approval (approximately one day).
  • Upon your approval of the posting draft and quote, we will post the position on the USD website and notify the advertising liaison to proceed.

I’ve made my decision – can you make an offer today?
In order to make a contingent offer, HR needs to verify that the following things are met:

  • That the candidate chosen meets the minimum job qualifications (according to the current job description).
  • That the proposed pay is within the appropriate range and that there are no internal equity concerns
  • That references were obtained by the hiring department.
  • That any additional necessary budget/employment approvals have been received.

Once these steps are complete, HR will make the contingent offer or authorize the hiring manager to make the contingent offer directly.  All offers will be made contingent on the completion of the background check, including education verification. Generally, we are able to make an offer within 24 hours of receipt (provided these steps have been completed appropriately and that there are no concerns). 

Can I make an offer to a candidate?
If you would prefer to make the contingent offer yourself, talk to your Employment Services Representative about it.  We are happy to guide you through this process, BUT you MUST FIRST submit the forms and allow us to ensure that the minimum qualifications have been met, the compensation is appropriate, and that references have been completed BEFORE you make a contingent offer.  All contingent offers must be reviewed by the Employment Services team BEFORE contacting the candidate.

I can’t reach any of my candidate’s references; what should I do?
Contact the candidate and let them know that you have been unable to reach their references.  Ask them to provide another way to contact the person or additional references so that you can complete this step in the process.  It is their responsibility to provide references.

Which positions require a pre-employment background check?
Pre-employment background checks are being phased in on all employee new hires in the 2011-12 fiscal year. Click here for Background Check information.

I am overwhelmed right now.  How can the Employment Services team make this easier for me?
There are a number of things we can do to help you through the hiring process.  Here are some of the things we can do to help you.  All you need to do is ASK:

  • Review applications, sorting out qualified candidates from unqualified candidates.
  • Make recommendations for which candidates to consider interviewing (based on the hiring needs you have communicated).
  • Contact candidates to schedule phone or in-person interviews.
  • Assist with preparations for interviews (including preparing questions, scheduling, etc.).
  • Schedule and administer computer skills assessments.