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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Relations?  What do you do?
As part of the Department of Human Resources, Employee Relations Services provides resources for all employees concerning work-related issues.  Our services include counseling for managers initiating corrective and/or disciplinary processes, acting as a “second set of eyes” regarding employee relations actions before actions are taken to ensure compliance with university policies and procedures.  Additionally, we provide resources and information for employees that promote a better understanding of university and/or departmental goals and policies, along with information that can support employees addressing personal challenges that could affect them in the workplace.

To whom should I talk if I want to discuss corrective action options for one of my employees?
Please contact Human Resources at extension 4594.  Human Resources will assist you in determining the appropriate action step.  Please visit our website to review our communications model.

Will my conversation with Employee Relations remain confidential?
Confidentiality is a critical component of human resources and will always be maintained at the highest level, as long as it does not interfere with the university’s legal obligation with regard to specific laws.

Can I have someone from HR sit in on a meeting with my supervisor or my performance evaluation?
Human resources has the ability to attend meetings between supervisors and employees when appropriate, once hierarchical protocols have been followed.

What does it mean to be “at will”?
As an at-will employer, the university reserves the right to end the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause and with or without notice.  Likewise, the employee has this right as well. 

What is the university’s introductory period?
A staff employee’s introductory period is the first six months he or she works as a non-temporary university employee.

I was just issued a written warning for corrective action and do not agree with it.  What can I do?
First, you need to meet the performance expectations listed in the written warning.  Not following the expectations could result in further disciplinary action.  Second, you can submit a written response to be included in your personnel file as a response to the corrective action.

How do I resign from my job?
By informing your supervisor in writing that you are resigning. The resignation should indicate your last day of work.  As a guideline, employees who resign should provide at least two (2) weeks advance notice.  Once HR receives notification of your resignation, you will be sent the Employee Clearance Form for check-out on your last day, and the Exit Survey.

How do I apply for unemployment insurance?
You can apply for unemployment insurance with the California Employment Development Department at