Student Health Insurance Plan

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All undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to have health insurance at the University of San Diego.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, all University of San Diego undergraduate and graduate full-time students will be required to carry health insurance.   This requirement will ensure that students in need of health and/or mental health care beyond the scope of services provided at USD by the on-campus Wellness Units, can access the appropriate resources in the community. 

When students access their Student Bill for Fall 2014 (and yearly thereafter) they will notice a charge for the USD sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan on their Student Account.  Students will have the option of accepting coverage or waiving the charge if they already have health insurance. Removing this charge and waiving coverage is simple and can be done online by answering a few questions regarding your current insurance coverage.

The process of waiving is easy and is available online at you are planning to enroll and would like to receive your insurance card by August 15, 2014 (coverage start date) make sure to enroll by August 1, 2014.

Students who enroll in USD’s comprehensive and affordable Student Health Insurance Plan will have the advantage of coordinating with the on-campus Wellness Units. The USD sponsored policy provides comprehensive care that allows students to waive deductibles if referrals are generated by the Student Health Center, and the premium is only $1852 per year.   

Returning Students Enrolled in the 2013-14 Student Health Insurance Plan

Students who are currently enrolled in the 2013-2014 student health insurance plan and are covered through August 14, 2014 (7/31/14 for International Students), can seek a referral from a clinician in the Student Health Center if they are in need of access to providers in the community and want to have their deductibles waived. For summer hours of operation please visit Returning students who are currently enrolled in USD’s plan and are planning to renew their health insurance, are encouraged to actively re-enroll by no later than August 1, 2014 by visiting to ensure no lapse in coverage. Click here for more information if you are a graduating student.