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An array of vaccines is available at the SHC. Please observe the posted vaccine clinic hours and advise the nurse of any allergies you may have prior to vaccination.

Common Vaccine Fees

Hepatitis A $40/per vaccine (2 vaccine series)
Hepatitis B $50/per vaccine (3 vaccine series)
Influenza Varies with seasonal discounts
Gardisil $150/per vaccine (3 vaccine series)
Menactra $120
MMR $65/per vaccine (2 vaccine series)
PPD (TB test) $10
TDaP $40
Trumenba (Meningococcal B) $130/per dose (3 vaccine series)
Typhoid (Travel) $55 oral/ $80 Injectable
Varicella $105
Yellow Fever (Travel) $120

Vaccine Information

Vaccination information statements are available in multiple languages and describe vaccine benefits, and possible side effects. Click here

Immunization & Vaccine Clinic

See Immunization Clinic Hours. Note: TB Skin Test are not administered on Thursdays or on Fridays when there is a Monday Holiday. Results must be read within 48-72 hours.