Information for Parents

All University of San Diego full-time undergraduate, graduate, and law students are required to carry health insurance. This requirement will ensure that students in need of health and/or mental health care beyond the scope of services provided at USD by the on-campus Wellness Units, can access the appropriate resources in the community. 

When students access their Student Bill (and every academic thereafter) they will see a charge for the USD sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan on their Student Account.  If you want your student to waive coverage they will have to submit their decision form to waive online to remove this charge.  If your student currently has coverage from another plan, before making a decision to waive, we encourage you to compare benefits to determine which policy may better serve your student’s needs The USD sponsored policy provides comprehensive care that allows students to waive deductibles if referrals are generated at the Student Health Center. Learn about coverage benefits and cost.

Students must enroll in or waive the student health insurance plan by the published deadline*.


  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Student Enroll/Waive”
  3. Your student will log in using their University of San Diego email address as their username.  Their password is their seven digit student ID number with two zeroes in front (total nine digits; i.e. “001234567”)
  4. Select the “I want to Enroll/Waive” button and follow the instructions to complete the appropriate form.
  5. Once submitted, a reference number will be immediately received. Print or write down this number for future reference.

*If a decision form is not submitted by the deadline, your student will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan and be responsible for paying the annual premium.

Gallagher Student Parent's Corner: