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Panhellenic Recruitment FAQs

Q: When is recruitment?
A: Formal recruitment is January 21-25, 2015. Please look at the schedule for more details.

Q: When should I return to campus?
A: Recruitment orientation begins January 20, 2015. We suggest that students return around 12pm to move back in to the residence halls and settle in before the mandatory orientation and speaker at 7pm. Please arrive to Shiley Theatre at 6:45pm.

Q: What is recruitment?
A: Recruitment is the process of a potential new member (PNM) meeting all chapters at USD, and finding the right sorority for her. Recruitment is a unique opportunity to learn about each chapter, meet women involved in sorority life through informal conversations, as well as provide space for them to get to know you. Recruitment is based on mutual selection. Each day you will choose where you feel your best, and they will select you. Each day you will attend fewer events than the day before, becoming steps closer to the best fit, new sisters, and home away from home.

Q: How do I register for Spring 2015 recruitment?
A: Check back for the registration link! It will go live in October 13, 2014!

Q: How much does it cost to register for recruitment? What do those costs cover?
A: Early Bird registration on or before December 19, 2014 at 11:59pm is $35.00. Registration December 20, 2014 - January 15, 2015 at 11:59pm is $50.00. The registration fee covers all costs associated with putting on formal recruitment. These costs range from printing and copying costs, training supplies for recruitment counselors and their groups, name tags, a t-shirt for all participants on day one, advertising, water, and the orientation speaker.

Q: What do I do after I register? What comes next?

A: After recruitment registration closes at 11:59pm on January 15th. Those registered will receive an email from Rachael Bollig, VP Recruitment Operations explaining the next steps. Expect this no later than January 19, 2015. Your first event will be the mandatory orientation on January 20th at 7pm in Shiley Theatre, where you will learn more about the entire recruitment process, and have the opportunity to meet your Sigma Rho Chi, or recruitment counselor. The dress is casual.

Q: Why did I not pay when I registered?

A: Payment for registration takes place through your MySanDiego account. You will see this bill sometime in early February. Pay this promptly similar to any other charges billed to your student account (Tuition, meal plan, etc...).

Q: What are the GPA requirements to participate in formal recruitment?
A: A student must be a University of San Diego full time student (12 units) with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for recruitment. Students must also have completed 12 units at the University of San Diego or 24 transfer units to be eligible for recruitment.

Note***We check grades and units based on a report from the Registrar before recruitment registration closes, and then have the students contact us with any changes.

We do not take any Grade Exceptions

Q: Can I move into the residence halls early?
A: Yes! Intersession Housing information will be updated soon!

Q: How can I learn more information about the chapters on campus?
A: There are currently eight sororities at the University of San Diego. There are seven Panhellenic sororities, and one multicultural sorority. This year, USD will be welcoming an additional culturally based sorority and Panhellenic sorority. Please explore the local and national websites: Each woman will receive a booklet at orientation with additional information about each chapter.

Q: Where is recruitment held?
A: Recruitment events are held on campus in various locations. You will receive a booklet with location details on Tuesday evening, January 20th.

Q: What if I am taking intersession, and have to miss an event due to class? Can I still go through recruitment?
A: Yes, you may still participate in recruitment. The recruitment team will collect intersession conflicts, and women will be excused for events while in class.

Q: What do I do about letters of recommendation?

A: Please visit the chapter's national website for information regarding letters of recommendation. Our USD Panhellenic team does not process these requests.

Q: How much are dues each semester?
A: New Member dues per chapter range from $150-$808. After the initial semester, active dues are less expensive and vary per chapter. These will be outlined and further explained in the Booklet at orientation and in a table on this website.

Q: What should I wear during recruitment?

A: The recruitment process begins casual and becomes increasingly more formal as each day progresses for both you and the Chapter members. For the speaker and orientation, you will only be meeting other Potential New Members and your Recruitment Counselor so dress comfortably. You will be provided a T-shirt on Day 1, so you will just need to wear bottoms of your choice (jeans, flowy skirts, be creative!). On Day 1, you should wear flat shoes. Day 2 is still casual, jeans are definitely still acceptable. Flat shoes or wedges are highly recommended for Day 2 as there will be lots of standing. Day 3 is a step up from Day 2, and Day 4 is cocktail attire. On Bid Day, you will be provided with a shirt from your new Chapter (either a tank top or short-sleeved T-shirt) so I recommend wearing a neutral colored tank top for underneath this provided shirt.