Graduate Records

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If you have questions about how to write & format your dissertation, please consult the Doctoral Dissertation Handbook.

When the final draft of your dissertation has been approved, you need to submit your dissertation to the Graduate Records office to fulfill the final requirement for your degree.

We need one bound and one unbound copy of your dissertation for the University Library circulation and archives. Your department and dissertation committee need a certain number of copies of your bound dissertation, so please consult your advisor about the additional number of copies which you will need. Also, we need to have your dissertation packet submitted along with your dissertation.

The dissertation packet consists of:

  • Instructions for submission of dissertation
  • Sign-off sheet for distribution of dissertation
  • Action form to note your submission of various forms and fees
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • Dissertation publishing agreement

There are various fees for microfilming, copyrighting, and binding of your dissertation. Please pick up your dissertation packet from your department or from the Graduate Records office in Founders 117 B for further details on these fees.