Registration Guide

Registering a Student Organization

All graduate student organizations and associations must register annually in order to remain active and be recognized by the University. Registration allows the organization to 1) Reserve event/meeting space on campus, 2) Request funding from the Graduate Student Council, 3) Be listed on the Graduate Student Life website, and 4) Advertise your organization around campus.

  • Get started by finding a minimum of 6 graduate students interested in your organization AND a current USD Faculty/Staff person that will act as your organization’s official Advisor.
  • Draft a Constitution for your organization; this will contain your organization’s official name, purpose, and function/operation by by-laws. A model constitution is available for you at
  • Submit the Registration Form to Graduate Student Life at

After submitting your organization’s materials you will be contacted by a staff member in Graduate Student Life to discuss the organization and help provide any additional support that is needed. 

Helpful Hint: Don’t be overwhelmed. If you have any questions contact Graduate Student Life for assistance by emailing or using the resources at

Remember that student organizations must be registered annually. As always, e-mail us if you have any questions!

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