USD Educates Mind, Body and Spirit

USD Educates Mind, Body and Spirit

Living, learning and growing together. The University of San Diego experience is unique – focused on the integration of mind, body and spirit. Through USD’s specially themed Living Learning Communities (LLCs), first year students make connections with other students who share similar interests. Under the leadership of a faculty director, students take part in curricular and social activities with fellow LLC residents, which foster the Changemaker spirit and social outreach.

“The objective was to design a program that accommodated all first-year students in an integrated first-year experience that would enhance persistence, promote an intellectual climate, and increase student sense of belonging,” says Tess Nunn Eves, the Living Learning Communities Coordinator.

From the moment first year students arrive on campus, they are immersed in an inclusive and supportive environment. They have the opportunity to grow within these tight-knit groups, developing strong and lasting relationships with their fellow students, peer mentors, and faculty preceptors.

Educating Mind, Body and Spirit

Enrolled in preceptorial classes with fewer than twenty students, first-years form bonds with faculty members and classmates, learning in a safe and welcoming atmosphere, allowing them to grow into their roles as USD Changemakers.

“At USD, we have the luxury of true collaboration,” says Eves. “As a student in an LLC at USD, you have a team of people who are there to support you … [and we] have tightened the safety net. Enhanced communication among these different departments prevents any struggling students from slipping through the cracks.”

Along with the university support structure, students have the opportunity to explore their San Diego neighborhood, everything from taking part in coastal hikes and cultural activities to volunteering with local community organizations.

Surrounded by supportive students, preceptorial assistants, resident assistants, community directors, and resident ministers, and engaged in extracurricular giveback opportunities and events, first-years thrive in a nurturing environment, while growing into socially conscious and motivated leaders.

“In each LLC, Resident Ministers live alongside students, encouraging their holistic development by getting to know them personally, providing resources to connect them to University Ministry and other centers on campus, and building a healthy, positive, supportive community,” says Michael Lovette-Colyer, assistant vice president and director of University Ministry. “In lots of ways and in many venues, they help students ask big questions, such as: What is the meaning of my life? What is the purpose of college? Who do I want to become?”

Living Learning Communities

This fall, the LLC program begins its fifth year on campus. For many, the first year of college can feel daunting. However, with the opportunity to engage in the LLC program, comes the chance to develop meaningful and lasting relationships, helping incoming Toreros grow in mind, body and spirit. More often than not, the relationships formed during the first year, will last a lifetime.

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