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Create A New Scholarship

The university offers the option of establishing an annual scholarship or an endowed scholarship. For both types of scholarships, the qualifications of the student recipient are agreed upon by the University and the donor. In creating a scholarship you may outline the criteria from which the student recipients are to be selected.  For example, you may choose to support undergraduate or graduate students, students in a particular major or school or college, as well as those who have high academic merit or substantial financial need. Unless otherwise requested by the donor, the university will award scholarships based on financial need and a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Named Annual Scholarship $5,000+

You may either create a new annual scholarship or contribute to an existing fund. Annual scholarships typically receive one or more gifts during the year that are not invested, but instead are awarded during the year to a student recipient(s). By funding this type of scholarship and maintaining your contribution for at least three to five years, you help insure consistent scholarship funds that can be awarded to students for several years.

Named Endowed Scholarship $50,000+

An endowed scholarship produces awards based on annual distributions of interest income from the principal. Your endowed scholarship will help create a permanent source of scholarship funding for USD students while allowing the university to permanently recognize your generosity and lasting legacy. You will also strengthen the University’s overall endowment. Contributions can be added to your endowed scholarship at anytime by you, your family or others to continually grow the fund and enhance the award amounts for students.

Recognition and Appreciation

When you establish a named scholarship you become part of the university family of cherished donors. You will be invited each year to attend the annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon with an opportunity to interact with your student recipient(s). Your scholarship is listed in the luncheon program, the online academic bulletin and the USD website. We ask students to write thank-you letters to share their appreciation and USD experiences with you. Also, students may choose to acknowledge the prestige of receiving your scholarship in their resumes. Your gift of a scholarship is a wonderful investment. USD is committed to recognizing you and your generosity to our students and the university community.

For more information about creating a new scholarship, please contact Allen Baytop at (619) 260-4510 or

"The best way to honor my husband and his work at USD was to invest in a scholarship in his name. " - Shelley Siegan '88

"Thank you to everyone who gives back to USD. Without them I would not have a chance to be a part of this great tradition." - Sarah Millano

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