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2013 USD Alumni Fund Allocation

Scholarships – 38%

Thirty-eight percent of gifts support scholarships for today’s students, making it possible for students of the highest caliber to attend the university, regardless of their financial circumstances. During the 2012-2013 Academic Year, over 70% of students received financial aid. It is evident that one of the University’s top priorities is to provide scholarship support for our students and make the USD education affordable.

Student Program Initiatives – 21%

Twenty-one percent of gifts support student program initiatives, which allow student groups to apply for funding for specific projects or to launch a new program. USD prides itself in supporting the creativity and ideas of our undergraduates in various student groups, clubs and associations.

Veterans Student Center – 20%

Twenty percent of gifts support the Veteran Student Center. The USD Initiative to Protect Student Veterans joins the efforts of military leaders and elected officials to educate and protect our military veterans from the misleading practices of some for-profit educational institutions and lenders.

Community Service Learning – 16%

Sixteen percent of gifts support Community Service learning at the University of San Diego. The work done by USD’s Center for Community Service-Learning embraces Catholic morals and traditions and reflects the university’s mission to serve with compassion, foster peace, work for justice, and prepare leaders who are dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service. Service-learning is woven throughout USD’s curriculum. More than 500 USD classes have included a service component. The Center for Community Service-Learning has received recognition as one of the top service-learning programs in the nation.

Alumni Programming – 5%

Five percent of gifts support Alumni Programming. Once you graduate from the University of San Diego you are automatically a part of the Alumni Association. USD alumni have the opportunity to connect with fellow USD graduates through special events that are held throughout the world.

*These numbers were taken over the last two years from gifts made to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship

What is alumni participation? Why is it important?

  • The term alumni participation when used in higher education specifically means the percentage of alumni that make an annual financial gift to their alma mater.
  • Since alumni participation rate is universally regarded as the best way to measure alumni satisfaction with their alma mater, it is one of the key metrics used to determine national rankings and the financial support received from foundations.
  • These institutions do not look at the dollar amount of alumni gifts, just the percentage of alumni that give at any level. A gift of $25 is just as important as a gift of $2,500 when it comes to alumni participation.
  • Although national rankings and international recognition increases the value of USD degrees, the bottom line is that alumni gifts sustain the University of San Diego. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts enable us to provide much-needed scholarships, services, programs and facilities for our current students.

"As alumni, we must stand up for the continuing success of our university. We need all of our alumni giving every year, regardless of each gifts size. Alumni giving helps our students, helps athletics, helps academics, and much more." - Maureen Gavron Partynski '82
Outgoing Alumni Association Board President

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