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University of San Diego students are leading the way in the classroom and in the community. Read more about Gio’s story to learn how your gift, in any amount, provides Toreros like Gio with a way to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

Multiple Ways To Support

The Alumni Association welcomes gifts to the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund (student scholarships) or Alcalá Alumni Fund (for the university's greatest needs), but encourage you to make a gift to wherever you feel most passionate. Every alumni gift counts toward our participation rate regardless of where you give and regardless of the size of the gift.

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You can really make a huge difference in someone's life by giving back to the university. It is truly amazing to see the benefits of giving. - Anonymous '76

What is Alumni Participation?
The term alumni participation when used in higher education specifically means the percentage of alumni that make an annual financial gift to their alma mater.

Why is it important?
Although national rankings and international recognition increases the value of USD degrees, the bottom line is that alumni gifts sustain the University of San Diego. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts enable us to provide much needed scholarships, services, programs and facilities for our current students.

Success stories Making a difference

Kim Norcia ’12

Kim Norcia ’12, knows what it takes to be a difference-maker, both in the classroom and in life. Despite her many academic and service responsibilities on campus, she still finds time to volunteer 50 to 60 hours per month to the Escondido Police Department Explorer Post, a training program that Kim knows will help build the foundation for her future career in law enforcement. Kim also knows just how important financial support for education can be, and understands firsthand that student scholarships are critical to the success of present and future Toreros like her who strive to make the world a safer place. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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Success stories Stephanie

Stephanie Roadarmel ’10

Whether it’s serving as the president of the USD Chemistry Club or showing new students the ins-and-outs of campus life as a tour guide, Stephanie Roadarmel ’10, has always been interested in the formation of bonds — both in the classroom and in life. Scholarship support has helped propel the chemistry major toward graduation and a promising career in the field of dentistry. While she’s understandably excited about her future, Stephanie will never forget her past experiences at USD, and knows she’s established a lifelong bond with a university that is truly one of a kind, and second to none. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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Success stories Give a way

Al-Rilwan Adeyemi '12

There's fast, and then there's Al-Rilwan Adeyemi '12, who redefines the word fast. The only time the political science major and starting cornerback on the USD football squad moves any slower than warp speed is when he's asleep. Al-Rilwan's academic and athletic responsibilities have him on the go from dawn to dusk, but there was a time when it looked like his collegiate aspirations might never get out of first gear. Thanks to scholarship support, Al-Rilwan is on top of his game, and there's no limit to the places he'll go in the future. One thing is for certain: he'll get there quickly. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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Success stories Brooke

Brooke Schiefelbein ’12

It was USD’s commitment to community service-learning that led Brooke Schiefelbein on her 1,100-mile journey down the West Coast from her home in Oregon to Alcalá Park. Brooke is all about finding solutions to the problems that plague those less fortunate — access to education, and providing impoverished communities with clean drinking water. Thanks to student scholarships, problem-solvers like Brooke have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and, in the process, make the world a better place for all of us. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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Success stories Mark

Mark Toyoma ’12

Choosing a university that’s just the right fit is no easy task. Just ask Mark Toyoma ’12, who applied to 13 different schools in all different parts of the country before he made a fateful visit to Alcalá Park during his senior year in high school. Mark knew there was no way he would be able to attend USD without the help of scholarships, but the go-getter and communications studies major certainly wasn’t going to give up on his dream of attending USD without a fight. He earned the scholarship support he needed to make his dream a reality. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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Success stories ronald

Ronald Ceballos ’12

Ronald Ceballos ’12 realized that he wanted to continue the family tradition and become an officer in the U.S. Navy. And where better to begin a career at sea than at a university that sits at the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean and has a fantastic NROTC program? Attending USD made perfect sense — but first, he had to figure out how to pay for it. His academic resume earned Ronald the NROTC Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship, giving the history major the chance to set his own course for success at USD. Give hope. Give an opportunity. Give a WAY. Give NOW.

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