Torero Athletics Association

Athletics gifts make a tremendous impact on USD's ability to compete and grow our athletics programs. We have been very successful in the past few years and we thank our many supporters.

Honoring gifts of $1 and above

Diana and Thomas E. Abbott
Cherrill Diane and Charles '83 Abdi
Vicki Abrahamson
Amanda Z. '91 and David Abrams
James P. Accurso '83 '87
Sharon K. and Gregory J. '90 Achatz
Kristen and Henry J. '63 Acquarelli
Maria R. and Carlos J. Acuna
David Adler
Jeffrey Adler
Christine N. and George C. Aguilar
Michael Akavan
Michele Alarcon
Beulah E. Albers
Kimberly E. (Amory) '87 and Marco D. '84 Alessio
Christine E. and James E. '91 Alexander
Elaine and Professor Larry Alexander
Anna J. and Stephen D. Allan
Laurie A. '87 Allari Smith and Timothy C. Smith
Ellen Kern and Craig Allely
Ann R. Allen
Eileen and Michael Amaranthus
Bridgit McGarry and John G. '84 Amarillas
Christine Inga and Edwin C. Amos
Addie M. Anderson
Deborah Anderson
Jeanine and Gregg A. Anderson
Alexander J. Andrassy
Luke P. Antonelli '07
Patricia K. and Peter Anzovino
Celyn R. Aradanas
Jeanie and Henri P. Ardantz
John Arganian
Dena M. Armstrong
James G. Armstrong
John D. Armstrong
Mary B. Armstrong
Fred Arndt
Kim D. and Mark Arndt
Barbara A. and Ronald E. Arndt
Steve Arndt
Patrick Arnold
Brenda and Tom Arnold
Patricia H. Aronstein
Maria R. '93 and Tony Arroyo
Virginia Arteaga
Samuel C. Assael '02
Jam Attari
Shereen M. and Sam K. '89 Attisha
Georgia and Arthur Autorino
Jennifer J. Autorino '09
Graciela '81 Soto and Alfonso Avila
Georgia D. and Rudolph Axelrod
Carol W. and Bill E. '68 Bachofner
Patricia and Robert E. Baird
Anthony N. Banovac '01
Alex Barclay
Alison E. and Donald F. Barker
Kelly and Ty E. '92 Barksdale
Mary B. Barnes
James P. Barnett Jr.
Richard G. Barno '07
Noelle and Roger P. '02 Barno
Victoria (McIntyre) '94 and Moises S. Baron
Mary and Joseph P. Barr
Christian J. Barry
Douglas J. Barry '95
Kathy and Robert V. Barry
Christine J. and Robert H. Bartholomew
Elizabeth K. Bassett '04
Cindy Basso Eaton '89
Michael A. Battaini '81
Franziska and Jaime P. '87 Bea
Robert P. Beamer '03 '08
Rhonda and Mark T. Beathard
Susan Becker
Jo and Steve Becvar
Kelly Ann and Walter S. Bednarski Jr.
Herlinda Belcher '62
Nicholas A. Bellanca '05
Joanne T. Belzberg
Michele Belzberg '79
Reni Belzberg
Susie Belzberg
Peter Benoist
Timothy J. Berenda
Michael S. Berg '81
Sydney S. Berg '08
William C. Berghoff '92
Richard Bernard
Krista and Michael J. '96 Bernards
Tom Bernitt
Christine and James P. '85 Bertrand
Franziska and Jaime P. '87 Bea
Bernie '68 and Eugenia '70 '73 Bickerstaff
Margie A. and William Bitsimis
Cheryl L. Vician and Robert H. Black Jr.
Brian Blackburn
Jennie and Jonathan D. '88 Blacker
Melinda K. Blade '74 '75 '86
Davis J. Blaine '05
Jennifer E. and Melvyn Blair
The Blake Family
Mary Louise and John W. Blaney
Debrah S. and Tom Blase
Pam and Aaron L. '97 Blumenkranz
Debbi and Stan H. Bobowski
Stanley H. Bobowski
Rick Bodle
Linda T. and Theodore J. Boecker
Karen M. and William C. Boettger
Martha M. (Tabor) '86 and Stephen T. '85 Bogard
Peggy L. and Terry Bogart
John Boggs
Mathew M. Boggs '00
Lori A. (Marconi) '91 and Daniel Boken
Carolyn J. and Mark E. Bonebright
Betty L. and Stanley A. Boney
William O. Bongard
Kathleen Bonta
Larry Bonzoumet
Catherine M. and Andy G. Borgia
Gail and Craig Boros
Paula J. (Mascari) '90 and Jason Bott
Theresa E. and Michael Boufford
C. Ross Bourne '01
Dianne S. and Dennis J. Bourque
Suzanne and Benedict J. Bowler
Marion A. and John J. '60 '73 Bowman
Marguerite and John D. Boyce
Alexandra Boyle
Emilia and Ryan C. '95 Brach
Brendan M. Bracken '04
Mr. David Braddock and Mrs. Mary (Meiners) Braddock
Nancy A. and Larry E. Bradley
Rebecca M. Bradley '88
Ginger B. Brady '98
Lois and Stephen Braunheim
Mary Joan and James A. Breen
Tish and Donald Breihan
Yolanda and Daniel A. Brennan
Lauren and James W. '96 Brennan
Maria and Michael J. Brennan
Pauline A. Brennan
Nancy (Gaffrey) '92 and Bob Brennan
Elizabeth and Walter H. Brewer
Allen Brian
John J. Briesch '67
Tracee F. Brinkerhoff
Scottie Lynn and Paul R. Briones
Andy Broberg
James R. Brogan
Janice H. (Hollahan) '86 and Christopher C. Brooksby
Diana M. (Grimm) Brotherton-Ware
Jorgia and Frank A. Brown
Peggy and James C. Brown
Steuart Brown
David W. Browne
Ann M. Mott '02
Julie and Timothy R. '91 Bubnack
Charles Buchanan
Willabell E. Buck
Janis L. and Christopher Bufkin
Michael F. Buhler '97
George Buis
Lyndalou M. and Bryan E. Bullard
Walter N. Burenin
Colleen B. Burke
John J. Burke III
Martina Burke
Nancy H. Burlak
George Burmeister
Michael W. Buskirk
Lind Bussey
Joshua J. Butler '07
Connie Byer
Robert M. Cahan
Gina Champion-Cain '94 and Steve Cain
Kenneth P. Caldwell
Raquel and Timothy K. '82 Call
Cindy V. Callaway
Dan Camacho
Joellen (Bechina) '87 and Paul A. Camden
Laura A. (Love) '86 and William M. Cameron
Consuelo Campbell
Lisa Marie and Darrin Campbell Sr.
Fredereick G. Campbell
Larry J. Campbell '97
Cinnamon R. (Scott) '95 and Timothy K. Canham
Jo K. and Brian Caple
John '83 and Nancy Jo Cappetta
Annette and Ronald Caras
Zachary A. Caras
Sheila Carey
Donna and Joseph Carlson
Kurt Carlson
Elizabeth T. and Robert C. Carlson Jr.
Sheila K. Carmody
Margaret A. Carpenter
Michelle and W. Scott Carpenter Sr.
Erin E. '05 Gunning and Daniel F. '05 Carrillo-Gunning
Shirley Carry
Sandra A. (Qualiato) Brue and Christopher Carstens
Nancy M. and James O. Cartan
Erin C. Cartaya '06
Jennifer E. (Green) '89 and Phil E. Carter
Kristen J. Carter
Jennifer Youvkavitch and Robert E. '95 Carty
Massimo Caruana
Michael S. Casagrande '98
Kathleen Patricia and Chris A. Casciola
Robert T. Case
Steven J. Casey '98
Valelrie J. and Lawrence P. Casey
Diane M. and Patrick '89 Casinelli
Margaret S. O. and Frank S. '83 Casscells-Hamby
Michelle G. and Braulio M. '89 Castillo
Frank Cates
Lorna Cerny
Jean E. Chalupsky
Diana D. and Robert C. Chandler
Cindy and Michael A. Chaney
Herman G. Chavez '97
Michelle Lyn and Brian J. Checkal
Angela M. Chiarenza '05 '08
Chanid and Thomas J. Chiarenza
Rebecca L. and Michael P. '88 Childers
Kori Kathryn and Steven L. Ching
Christine L. (Carothers) '86 and David Chittick
Joyce and Frank Chmura
Aidan Chodorow
Lee Erin and George T. '93 Chumo II
Shanna Ross and Barry A. Church
Lauren and Robert H. Church
Sandra Ciallella '87 and Kenneth Shurko
John U. Ciani '85
John R. Cleator
Laura A. and Christopher A. Clemens
Chris Cochran
Allen R. Cocumelli
Christiaan Coetzee '09
Ian H. Coffman '08 '09
Vicki E. and Richard S. Cohen
James B. Cohn
Kathy and Jeff Cohn
Jason C. Coito '02
Alison and William J. Colburn
Jenny Woll and Dean Kevin Cole
Marshall R. Cole '06 '09
Rex Cole
Judith A. and Edward S. Collins
Martin Collins
Tyler C. Combs '09
Deborah E. '71 Comfort Miller
John K. Comiskey '93
Kathy L. and Tom Compton
Laura A. and Leo C. Connell
Julie and Stephen E. '85 Connolly
Michelle Conroy
Douglas M. Cook
Mary Lou and McKenzie D. Cook
Janet G. (Gaunt) '87 '90 and Stephen Coover
Joan B. and Jerrold A. Corbett
William J. Corbett
Doug Cornell
Theresa and Mario J. '86 Coronado
Susan E. and Lawrence J. Corwin
Thomas J. Cosgrove '74 '84
Elena C. Cota
Mary K. and Richard Cota
Rodney Couch
Tracy Couch
Patricia F. and Barry J. Coughlin
Mollie Lea and Sean C. '89 Coughlin
Janet Courtney-Smith
Maggie and Dave '61* Cox
Matthew J. Coy '04
Barry M. Crane '77
Valerie L. and R. Jeffrey '92 Crane
Thomas J. Crane '92
Nicholas D. Cranmer '06
Kelly O. and Michael R. Craven
Michael A. Crawford
Rhonda L. '93 Nourse and Patrick M. '92 Crema
Joe Crespo
Francis M. Crnkovich
Norma Crocevera
Adelaide T. and Robert P. Crosby
Richard Croy
Bill Cunerty
Linda and John Cunningham
John E. Cunningham
Annie and Michael J. Cunningham
John Cupini
Kimberly M. Cupini '03
Mariellen L. Cupini
Constance T. Curran '90 '95
Jill Penrod and Scott R. '94 Curtner
Mary Ann G. and Lewis M. Cutter
Anne and Robert M. Czech
Ayda and Curtis R. '89 '01 Dadian
Brooks Dagman
Virginia and John Dahlen
Audrey and William R. Dahlgren
Kelly '87 and Peter W. Dakin
Rosemary and Turner L. Daniels
Steven R. Danton '79
Mark G. Daquipa '94
George Darlington
John M. Dasher '89
Patricia M. Dauer '84
Kristi Dauser
Charles E. Davis
Karen and David H. Davis
Pauline and John S. Davis
Theresa and Richard K. Davis
Teresa and Steven '71 Davis
Karen Saucier and Thomas A. '74 Davis
Pamela A. and Arthur D. Dawson
Christie M. Dawson '07
Wayne Dawson
Donald F. De Angelo '95
Vicki M. De Jesus '95 '97
Sandra Kruse and Roger A. De Young
George Deal
James V. Deason
Tami L. Dahl '96
Francis A. DeFelice
Kelly J. and Steven F. '86 DeGennaro
Shirley and James L. Degroot
Christopher P. Del Santo '98
Barbara J. and James H. '62 Delaney
Catherine A. (O'Rourke) '85 '90 and Gregory J. '86 Delano
Ernie Delgado
Orlando M. Delgado
Mega A. and D. C. Delis
Susan B. and Henry Delozier
Mark J. Delsman
Sharon and William J. Demint
Debbie L. and Timothy A. DeMore
Mike Denen
Gene Dente
Kari L. and Steven M. Deol
Jacqueline D. and Edward F. DeRoche
Courtney M. and Eric S. '90 Deutsch
Michael W. DeWan
Teresa D. and James A. '73 Diani
Delavan Dickson
Jessica and Christopher Dill
Daniel J. Dillabough '70
Meredith and Michael V. '03 DiPasquale
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy DiPasquale
Janet and Michael S. Diprisco
Elisabeth R. Dixon '03
Jonathan E. Doering
Patricia and Dennis C. Dong
Jane M. (Harkins) '89 and Gregory Dorn
Donna and Jeffrey V. Dornes
Megan T. Doroba '07 '10
Kathy L. and David F. Doten
Donald H. Dotseth
Joyce A. and Donald A. Dotson
Michael D. Downing
Mollie E. Doyle '86
Christine E. Drage '90
Daniel D. Drapeau
Alyce Mauricio* and Robert S. '85 Dreher
Jan G. and William A. Drummond
Richard J. Dudash
David Dudek
J.D. Dudek '79 '85
Lori Duester
Alexander J. Duk '06
Cynthia A Herdt and Robert C. '89 Duke
Robert H. Dulich
Martha and Charles G. '86 Duncan
Ryan J. Dunn '78 '81
David M. Dunn '02
Ronda and James T. Dunn
Sheila and Dennis C. Durham
Teri and Ed Durst
Aaron Dyer
John Emmanuel Dzida '03
Thor J. Eakes
Marilyn and Stephen S. Edmunds
Jennifer L. Edwards '07
Jonathan S. Edwards '91
Anne Egan
Judith D. and Henry P. Egan Jr.
Joseph Egan
Lindsey J. Ekern '05
Fedina R. and Alan R. Elia
Patricia A. and Gene W. Elkin
Cathie A. (Barter) '79 and Edward Ellenbeck
Patricia A. Ellington
Christine E. Enger '93
Carolee A. and Craig S. '76 Engstrand
Dr. Iris and Paul Engstrand
Lisa B. and William R. '79 Enquist Jr.
Judith A. Eppler
Maria Isabel and Steve Epsten
Suzanne S. and Rodney Erickson
Peter M. Escalante '74
Joseph M. Escobar
Kimberly A. (Ray) '88 and John D. '88 Espe
Stephanie and Mike D. '78 '80 Espinoza
Melody L. and David C. Evans
Gerard W. Everette
Denise L. and Michael F. '71 Eyer
Lisa L. Facciuto
Beverly A. and William C. Faddis
Josephine A. Faddis
Michael J. Fager '74
Linda M. and H. Kent Falk
Matthew K. Falk
Rosemarie C. and Robert A. Fambrini
Shane A. Farmer '09
Anthony J. Farone Jr.
Echo Farrell
Fiona Tudor and Peter C. Farrell
Shirley A. and Claude L. Farris
Andrew T. Fee
Georgette A. and Leo E. Feiereisen
Lisa Feldon
Eileen M. and Mark A. '87 Fenick
William Ferenczy
Tina and Michael J. Ferraro Sr.
Trudy Mary and William V. '67 Ferree
Gina and Pedro A. Ferreira
Lorenzo J. '91 Fertitta and Teresa Jo Fertitta Family Trust
Mitzi Fideler
Marc Files
Shaney '04 Fink and Thomas Vorkoper
Kira E. Finkenberg '97
Helen M. (Kasperick) '81 and John J. '80 Finneran III
Thomas F. Finucane '82
Jacqueline M. and James J. '62 Fiorenza
Misti A. Fischnar
Cynthia A. Fisher
Julie A. Fisher
Ranee A. (Rhodes) '00 and Paul F. '01 Fisher
Robert and Susan Fisher
Earl K. Fisk
Verleen and Elwin L. Fisk
Walter Fitch III*
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Fletcher
Barbara Flockheart
Gloria and Jose M. Florin
Jane F. (Wydra) '67 and Michael M. Flynn
Denise and Brian R. Fogarty
Judi Fogg-Russell
Anne M. Foley '87
Hilda R. and Ronald E. Ford
T.J. Forester
Devon C. Forster '05
Jeanette Lois and Harrison D. Fortney
Robyn M. Fortney '02
Allison S. (Wesbey) Fowler '02
Ron and Alexis Fowler
Lori M. (Hock) '82 and Michael E. '82 Fox Jr.
Adam N. Foxx '91
Greg Francis
Lisa Freedman
Karein E. Donahue and Michael T. '94 Freehill
P.J. Freiberg
Friend of USD
Holly and Jason B. '98 Friend
Kelly O. Fromm
Linda and Laurence J. Fromm
Roxanne Frost
Richard L. Fuller
Shirley A. and Thomas C. Fuller
Alina Kasia Seibert and Tyler J. Gabriel
Katie and Michael Gagne
Linda W. and John J. Gallagher
David C. Galvin
Marilyn Galvin
Libby and Mike Galvin
Timothy J. Galvin
Amy and William K. Galvin
Brad Gamson
Kathleen and Thomas J. Gannon
Andrew Garcia
Leonor and Jose L. Garcia
Allison J. and Thomas J. Garfinkel
Philip Garland
William L. Gaskins '08
Rosemary J. and Albert G. Gastelum
Karen Anne and Dennis Gavalier
Norma K. and William F. Geenty Jr.
Betty L. and James W. Geesman
Logan G. Gelbrich '08
Craig E. Gensler
Mary Elizabeth and Gary Gensler
Karen Gerdts
Cheryl A. '98 Getz and Henry Pugh
Lori W. and Paul E. Geyer
Patricia Lynn and Richard A. '74 Ghio
David M. Gibbs '97
Mary A. (Driscoll) '82 '89 and Brian M. Giblin
Janet M. Giersch
Sherry R. and David B. Gillespie
Janiece Gillmouthe
Kristin M. and Douglas E. Githens
John J. Glavan
Stephanie and Robert Gleason
William W. Goade
Donald Godwin
Marlene and Jeffrey Goldberg
Claudia and Richard A. '80 '87 Goldberg
Carrie and Ryan B. '96 Goldman
Julie L. Gonzalez
Terri A. (Melvin) '83 '85 and Theodore H. Gosen
Todd Gospodarec
Mary and Mark Grant
Judith K. (Altmanshofer) '82 and Steven M. Graven
Robert J. Gravina '89
Colleen L. and Jeff S. Gray
Tristan and Steve Green
Mike Greenwalt
Hadrian P. Greenwood
Carolyn T. and Jeffrey Y. Greer
Carrie Elva and Joel M. Grey
Nicole M. and William T. Grier
Kathleen L. and Timothy E. Griffin
Joani K. Griggs '81
Lori R. (Robarge) Griggs
Dorothy B. and Jack R. Grimm
Sharon and Timothy J. '71 Groff
Madeline M. Grose
Christopher Gualtieri '83
Cristina A. Guido '08
Edwin A. Guiles II '03
Robert M. Guiltinan '66
Catherine Gump
Thomas Gump
Leah C. '04 and Andrew A. '04 Guzenski
Teresa E. and Daniel G. Guzman
Bonnie H. Gwozdecky
Bryan J. Haar
Marilyn K. and Stanley W. Haar
Joanne E. and Tim E. Haar
Candace S. and J. Richard '74 Haden
Rick and Suzanne Hagan
Sandra and Tim Hagedorn
Jesse W. Hall '95
Diane L. (Alanis) '65 and Noel A. '64 Hall
Matthew P. Haniger '89
Ena F. Hanks
Linda A. Hansen
Robert and Cheryl Harbour
Clint Hardick
Greg T. Hareld '85
Jake Harle
Carlee Ann and Rick L. Harmonson
Evan D. Harney '06
Mary Harris
Joseph L. Harrison '74
Brenda and Jay C. '75 Harvey
Susan C. and John J. Hassett
Donna M. Hastert
Ann A. and Thomas R. Hatch
Janet M. (Jattervog) and Eldon Hattervig
Ruth and Rogers A. Hauck
Matthew M. Hauser
Marianne and Peter Hauser
Sandra Hauser
Alice Bourke Hayes
Sharon Engberg and Charles E. Hayes
Laura M. (Duryea) '02 and Michael Hayes
Michaun M. (Carnahan) '93 and Colin Hayes
Lynne and Robert Hayes
Diane M. Hazard
Kathylee K. and Ian Heap
Steven Heath
Mark S. Hedgecock '78
Walter R. Heinecke
Stacey and Michael Held
Richard C. Helmstetter
Cheryl L. Hennegan
Keeley L. and William Keith Hennington
Marie-Claude Henry '05
Tracey A. and Michael C. Hensley
Vanessa A. and Daniel C. '82 '86 Herbert
Marilyn K. and Daniel D. Herde
Freya B. and Kevin M. '93 Herde
Lindsay A. Herf '02
Kiva M. Herman '09
Danielle M. '89 Prunier and Steven M. '89 Herman
C. Jill and Timothy J. Hernandez
Tracey and Tobias A. '06 Herrera
Andrew G. Herrington '08
Richard J. Herrman
Karl E. Hertig '08
Margaret Hessler
Judy and Gary J. Hewson
John Hickman
Barbara Hill
Christine E. and Timothy M. Himstreet
Rebecca Breyer and Charles L. Hiroto
Ketti and Michael P. '87 Histon
Christopher Hitchcock
Timothy E. Hite '90
Margaret and Ralph Ho
Guy S. Hobbs
Karen and Robert C. Hobbs
Karen L. (Berdan) '83 and Tim Hoffmann
Susan L. Hoge
Victoria and Derek A. Holloway
Patricia May and Douglas A. '82 '84 Holmes
Mary J. Holmes
Henry Holton
Virginia G. Holton
Stephen C. Holwell
Lorrie Y. and Myung K. Hong
Eric S. Hoopman '98
Patti C. Chaney and Steven E. Horsman
Ashley C. Houchin '07
M. Cynthia Houlihan
Linda and William J. '75 Howard Jr.
Jeremy T. Howlan
Mark C. Hubbard '09
Michael Hubbard
R.D. Hubbard
Carol Forsyth and Todd R. '82 Huckins
Christopher I. Hugh '88
Fred Hughes
Margaret Jo (King) '64 and Robert M. '61 Hughes
Harleen and Ravi S. Hundal
Ellen and Clark D. Hurst
Hallie N. Huston '10
Lloyd Hutchinson
Joanne and Philip Hwang
Virginia '81 '85 and Dr. Robert Infantino Sr.
Ana Intriago
Violette A. and Mr. Jeffrey T. Jackson
Shannon and John J. Jakosky
Catherine L. and Bruce R. Jamieson Sr.
Heather and David Janiak
Peggy A. and Rick J. Jelmini
Kristi A. and Philip Jensen
Courtney E. Jerzyk '07
Rosa D. and Roger Jewell
Cel Johnson
Douglas A. Johnson
John J. Jonas
Judith A. and Daniel J. Jones
Mary L. Jones
Ronald H. Jones
Tracy L. and Michael L. Jones
Kristin L. '03 and Wesley S. '01 Jones
Lynda V. Jones-Tealer '92
Roger A. Joseph '74
Jeffrey Jouett
Chris L. Joyner '82 '95
Raffaella and Mark T. '88 '94 Judd
Jeanne M. Jungers
Barbara Mann and Peter W. '59 Jungers
Deene Wesley S. Kabiling '08
Karen S. and Patrick T. '87 Kaemerle
Lisa A. and William A. Kaercher
Kathleen M. Kahlweiss '05
Emily and William G. '03 Kalenius IV
Diane L. and A.J. Kallet
Barbara Ann and John G.* Kammerer
Mike Kampen
Helen M. and Patrick Kane
Linda and Greg A. Kannall
Rosalina Kantor
Erin E. Karahadian
James A. Karlovsky Jr.
Myrtle A. Kauler
Tami Kautzman
Andrew A. Kazarian '02
J. David Keckely
Mary Jane and Robert A. Keeler
Patricia M. Keeley
Kirsten Keller
Rose and Woody Keller
Andrea P. Kellogg '94
Don Kelly
Katie and James R. '86 Kelly
Ruth P. and Richard E. Kelly
Lisa and Jeff Kenny
Patrick B. Keough '96
Paul J. Kerwin '99
Tammi and Brian H. Kerzner
Louis Kerzner
Donald L. Kidder
John M. Kilduff Jr. '97
Stephanie and Pat Kilkenny
Frank Kim
Tyler Kincaid
Maureen P. (Pecht) '64 and Charles G. '62 King
Karen and Ronald L. King
Brian M. Kingman
Cynthia Dougherty and William D. Kirk
Ellen F. and William J. Kirven
Arby Kitzman
Robert M. Kivley '69
Juan M. Kivotos
Lynne Marie and Kevin P. '85 Kleis
Elizabeth C. Kline Mullan and John H. Mullan
Lee A. Klopschinski '06
Linda (Mellick) '89 and Steve Klosterman
Alice M. and James M. Kluzak
Jeffrey Knoll '00
Ola P. Knutsson '97
Jean and Michael Kometani
Randy Koontz
Amy M. (McMahon) '95 and David Kopp
Martha Ann and Kevin A. Kormondy
Mary A. and Daniel G. Kraemer
Kimberly D. '87 and Donald N. '74 Kramer
Jessica E. Krane '08
Myra N. and Werner Kurn
Catherine Kuschell and Joseph T. Kuschell, Jr.
Christine A. '96 Labagh Mantua and Nathan Mantua
Kathleen A. LaBarbera
Jean-Pierre G. LaBarrie '98
Julie and Wayne Lacroix
Sonia and Thomas P. Lahaie
Bruce Lahey
Bich Thao A. Laikin
Christopher M. Lamb '01
Kathleen Fannegan and John D. '98 Lamey III
Maria and Daniel J. '80 Lanahan
Maryanne and Robert E. Lancaster
Jeffrey R. Langdon '05
Debra J. and Philip Langton
Helen M. and Michael B. '78 Larch-Miller
Grace E. and Philip C.* Larsen
Lynn and Robert S. LaRue
Laura and Mark Lauer
Patricia K. and Richard J. Lauer
Patricia and Francis J. '72 Laurie III
Anthony Lautmann
Lori Lautmann
Kay and Joshua V. Lawrence
Stan Lawrence
Arlene J. Lea
Susan J. Lea
Brian S. Legenza '03
Leslie and Mark C. '82 Lehberg
Jacqueline Lehn-Dupont '89
Mitch Leibovitz
Brianna M. Leissoo '02
Chuck Lemoine
Tracy Anne and David C. '91 Leventhal
Janis and Arthur B. Levesque
Mary and Ira S. Levine
Elizabeth Holland and John S. Lewis
Anne Marie and Russell W. Lewis
Rebecca M. and Timothy K. '62 Leyden
Theresa Jean and Fernando Leyva
Janie and Michael C. '86 '89 Licosati
Christine Limon
Arlette K. and Wesley R. Lind
Deborah A. and Dave M. Lindquist
Christy J. and Bruce A. Lindsay
Judith M. Lindsay
Cecilia and Per Lindstrand
Scott D. Lippincott '04
Thomas W. Liversage '08
Christopher A. Lobus '01
Paula M. and Donald G. Lofftus
Judith A. Lewis Logue and Lawrence E. Logue
Mary Jo and John A. Lollis
Elizabeth Jaramillo and Antonio C. '03 Lopez
Bertha A. Lopez
Alma and Sergio C. Lopez
Karen Lott
Linda R. and Steve Loy
Mauri B. and Theodore J. Lucas
Susan and Frederic M. Lucas-Conwell
Amanda and Patrick G. '04 Lucy
Susan Gilligan and Robert C. Lucy
Anne Darcy Russell and John Lumbard
David S. Luttbeg '01
Dreda C. Lutz
Ann Luu
Sandy and Kip D. Lyche
Patricia M.* and John W.* Lynch
Marianne P. Lynch '82 '83
Jennifer N. (Lofftus) '95 and Timothy M. '95 Lynch
Mary E. Lyons
Aida (Galindo) '89 Mac Kay and Robert J. '88 Mac Kay Jr.
Mary C. (McKeon) '90 and Donald E. '90 MacInnes
Patricia and Dennis C. Mackey
Jennifer Madden
Jerold Madorsky
Peggy L. and Mark R. Madura
Gus Magee '70 '72
Elizabeth Tirana and Robert K. '98 Magnuson
Cecilia B. Magracia and Eugene M. Magracia, Jr
Leslie and Charles W. Maher
David Maher
Maribeth and Michael J. '70 Maher
Mary L. and Patrick S. Maher
Julie and Michael D. Main
Joseph G. Maiorano
Sally and Luis Maizel
Elizabeth J. (Melaragno) '89 and Mitchell R. Malachowski
Terry D. Mammen
Kaila A. Mangrum '09
Rhonda R. (Rathbun) '87 and Roger G. Manion
Amy L. '84 Patterson-Mann and Stephen F. '85 Mann
Cecil Manresa
Deborah and John C. '79 Manson
Paula M. Marcheschi '91
Carolyn and Paul J. Marchi
Sizanne and Brian A. '98 Marchiori
Lois Markovich
Susan L. and Roger A. '84 Marolt
Kathleen A. Marpe
Jeannie M. Marsh
Craig M. Marshall
Jared K. Martin '05
Nanette and Jeff Martin
Scott M. Martin '06
Carla Martinez '05
Mary and Frank Martinez
Reina M. and Oscar R. Martinez
Bernadette M. and Robert Mashas
James Mashas
Maureen M. Mashas
Justin W. Mashburn
Lisa Anne and Anthony W. Masi
Mary A. and John J. Masi
Steven Mata
Kelly and Mike Matoso
Christina and Joseph E. '82 Matranga
Patricia A. and Jerry A. Matthews
John Matty
Brian R. Matusz
Elizabeth and Michael R. Matusz
Clerise R. and Richard Maul
Julia May
Susan and Anthony P. Mazzarella
Jim and Kelly Mazzo
Kathleen Marie and Michael F. Mazzoni
Andrea Pappas and Robert J. Mc Causland
Kathleen A. '91 '94 and Daniel R. '91 McAdoo
Michael J. McCabe '69 '72
Thomas P. McCabe '91
Dixie Lee and Matthew A. '59 McCarthy
Joanne and Kevin J. McCloskey
Tracy and Fraser A. McColl
Thomas McCormick III
Kimberly and Jeffrey S. McCoy
Michael H. McCoy
Brandon P. McCreary '10
Mary and Edward J. McCrink Jr.
Philip G. McDermott '08
Clare M. '80 White McDonald and Lawrence S. '85 McDonald
Mary C. McDonald
Marie and Paul J. '86 McDonough
Peter F. McDougall '90
Melissa and Ryan McElvain
Kimberly McFadden
DaVette '97 and Seamus O. McFadden
Kathleen McGinley
Molly S. McGlennen '94
Boyd C. Mc Gowan '01
Naomi M. and Scott L. McKay
Joseph McKenzie
Henry McLemore
William McLennan
Derek McMahon
Claire C. and Thomas W. McNamara
Ginger and James M. '87 McNamee
Donald P. McNerney
Maria A. Rivero-Medrano and Jose A. Medrano
Raksha H. and Haresh S. Mehta
Mary and Tim P. Meissner
Kathryn and John F. '84 Melican
Terrence G. Melican '86
Jennifer R. Mello '09
Karen and Paul J. '78 Mendes
John Mercer
Stephanie A. Mercer
Virgie and David Merchain
Carlene M. and David D. Merlino
Debra Sue and Darrel W. Mertens
Maggie K. and Joseph D. Meyer
Julia K. (Redmond) '80 and Richard L. '80 Michelmore
Mary A. and Phil A. Mickelson
Tim Mickelson
James Milam
Faith S. and Michael J. '60 Miller
Lizbeth A. and Michael S. '70 Miller Sr.
Elena and Norm Miller
Sally A. and Paul F. Miller
Scot Miller
Mike B. Milligan '00
William G. '61 and Jane Mitchell
Mary E. and Rod C. Moberg
Christine C. Mock '09
Jacqueline V. and Tom Mock
John Modjeski
Charles R. Moeller
Shirley A. Mogil
Shelby L. (DePriest) '94 and Vincent S. '95 Moiso
Lori and Gregory T. '88 Moll
Matthew C. Molstre
Patricia E. Moncus David
Andrea Montgomery
Martin Montigel
Jackery L. Moogk
Yolanda and Mark F. '79 '87 Moothart
Terrence R. Moran '93
Josephine and Daniel C. Moreno
Mark A. Moret
Ann Marie Morgan
Dana J. Morikawa Perius
Marc Morley
Margaret Christine and Robert H. Mott
Ketki Parekh and Douglas S. Mougey
Linda D. and David J. '76 '81 Moussette
Tiffiney R. Moxley
Larry Moyer '65
Julie A. (Bonar) '92 and Mark L. '92 Moyer
Jody and Timothy C. Moynihan
Christine L. Lynch-Muecke '78 and A. Jackson '69 '76 Muecke
Cynthia A. Muklevicz '93
Karen Sue and Les K. Mulhair
Linda C. and Jeffrey A. Mullvain
Karen Gidley and Thomas F. '77 Mulvaney
Bill Muncy
Ann Muno
Kevin Muno
Larry Muno
Lila M. and James E. Munyon
Nora and Ken Murphy
Patricia A. Murphy '90
Lynn W. and Paul C. Murphy, M.D.
Mari C. O'Donnell and Richard J. '80 Muscio
Lori K. and James F. Myers
Stacey L. (Wall) '92 and Lawrence M. Nakahara
Jill C. Molyneaux and Jon D. Nathenson
Deacon Nausler
Annie Navarra
Penelope A. Navarro '77
Christiaan Nazarian
Terrill L. and Douglas B. Nelson
Maria C. '94 '97 Martinez and Michael E. '84 Nelson
Kristin M. (Harris) '93 and David E. '93 '96 Nemeth Jr.
Patricia M. (Zawidski) '05 and Craig Neuman
Phil Nevin
Becky and Michael R. '91 Newby
Deborah A. and Richard R. Newton
Janie Ng and Eric G. Pinkerton
Teresa Doty and Robert L. Nichols
Sean C. Nicol '09
Jolynn Jacobs and George T. Nimmo
Karen Noble
Sandra Boord and Kenneth G. Noble
Betsy and Michael Norby
Laurie A. and Donald R. Norcross
Robin and Henry L. Nordhoff
Anne R. (French) '78 and George Patrick Nuttall
Andrew O'Book
Gayle and James A. O'Book
Michael F. O'Brien
Michael R. O'Brien
Colleen M. O'Callaghan
Patrick J. O'Connor '61
Brian M. O'Connor '01
Chris O'Connor
Karen M. (Ridge) '83 '84 and Timothy O'Connor
Denise G. and Keith O'Connor
Danielle M. '04 and Kyle C. '05 O'Connor
Michael J. O'Connor
Daniel P. O'Dea '94
Angela O'Donnell
Kelly O'Gorman
Linda L. Cleveland and James M. O'Keefe
Sheila and Timothy O'Malley
Kevin O'Neill
Joan O'Sullivan
Wendy M. O'Sullivan
Charles Ochoa
Carol and David Ochs
Brant Odland
Mychal M. Odom '02 '04
Sue and Mark E. '82 Oemcke
Breanne K. Ogden '09
Bree Ogden
Susan and Jerry P. Oliaro
Julie A. (McDonnell) '90 and Peter J. '88 Oliver
Veronica A. (Valez) '86 and Brian Oliver
Margaret H. and Joseph S. Oliverio
Susan Bathrick and Daniel V. '79 Olson
Lorraine M. and H. T. Olsson
Holly K. and David D. Onosko
Priscilla Oppenheimer
Josephine A. Oppenheimer
Laurel O. and Peter M. Orradre
Michael J. Osborn '08
Connie Z. and Bruce Ourieff
Rachel L. Ourieff '08
Kelli and Gary M. '81 Overman
Thomas E. Pace '03
Rodric Pacheco '83
Anne Page
Polly S. and Armond Pagliai
Maureen Pagni
Cheri Pajuluoma
Philip R. Palisoul
Julie M. (Roberts) '84 and Thomas J. Pancrazi
Richard A. Papapietro Jr. '97
Stephanie J. Papp '09
Anne Parfet
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Parker
Patty Parkin
Matthew J. Parr '07
Tonya Monique and William R. '88 Parrott
Chris '83 and Liz Pascale
Ruth G. and Marc R. Paster
Christine V. (Vetter) '69 and William C. '71 Pate
D. Michael Patrick
Phil and Anita Patterson
Patricia Capritta and Thomas C. '89 Payne
John K. Pearce
Martha A. Peck
Diane K. and George J. '82 Pecoraro
Gretchen and Eric D. Peeples
Kathleen Cassou and Tui S. Peleti
Wendy and Sterling D. '88 Peloso
Ronald C. Pentz Jr.
Ronald Pepper
Dianne M. (Haller) '88 and Dave M. Peranich
Francesca F. and Joseph A. Perazzelli
Alex Perkins
Cheryl and Mark D. Perkins
Marilyn and Gary B. Perl
Kip A. Perry '94
Becky Ann and Tim L. Peterman
Rhonda and James C. '84 Peters
Ted '78 and Anne '80 Peterson
Leanne M. and Mark E. Peterson
Jane Allison and James F. Petrich
Jennifer (Torns) and Mark Petrie
Matthew N. Petrucci '07
Pierre Pfeffer '75
Harriet G. Phalen
John Phillips
John P. Phillips
Lisa G. Phillips
Janis Marie and Michael L. Phillips
Robert Phillips
Eric Pierson
Anne and Ryan S. '96 '98 Pietranton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pietras
Trevor J. Pike '06
Miriam J. Pitts
Norma and George H. Plewes
John M. Plewes '94
Oscar A. Plotnik '06
Candace D. and Stephen L. '78 Plourd
David Pol
Jonathan Polikoff
Margaret A. and Charles R. '79 Pope
Corbett J. Porter
Cathy Mary and John S. Portwood
Cynthia A. and Stephen Posa
Elizabeth A. (Crotty) and Clifford A. Powell
Erin Praefke
Joseph R. Prast '04
Jennifer S. (Stormberg) '85 '89 '00 and
Joseph M. '84 '96 Preimesberger
Abigail L. (Horrocks) '99 and Jared M. Preston
Karen Pretzer '10
Ken Price
Stephanie Price
Gwendolyn L. and Thomas A. Price
Mary F. Provenzano
Peter Provenzano
John '84 and Livia Prunty
Lawrence Puccinelli Jr.
Mindy and Paul M. '97 Purcell
Leslie and John Quantz
Mariana Quarnstrom
Michael A. Quigley
Renda Aladray Quinn '86
Brian J. '88 Quinn
M. Susan Quinn '77
Renda Quinn
Marie T. Quintana
Cynthia Diane and Stephen P. Rack
Josephine (Wydra) '75 and Frank J. '67 '72 Ragen Jr.
Marsha Rainey
Teresa C. Ramos
Louis J. Rampino
Victoria Ramsdell
Karen '98 and Christopher Rand
Jacqueline Randone
Eric T. Rasmussen '04
Marilynn O'Gara and Terry L. Rasmussen
Jodi A. and Patrick J. '83 Rea
Mike Rebelo
Samuel L. Reeder '09
Mike Reeves
Lori A. and John P. Reilly III
Marie Eller and Paul H. Reim
Susan and Thomas Remensperger
James Revell
Gaye P. Reynolds-Gooch
Ryan L. Rhinehart
Alec A. Rhodes '93
Zeina and Elias Riachi
Deborah and Norman P. Richardson
R. E. Richter
Jeannie '70 and Brian A. '70 '73 Riley
Kirk H. Riley
Nicole M. Riley
Mary P. and Thomas Riney
Tricia E. (Gordon) '01 '04 and Roger Royce Ring
Michael M. Rish '84
Dan Ritter
Gwen Ritzau
Ricardo (Carrillo) Rizo '03
Dawn S. and Geoffrey L. Robbins
Mickey Roberts
Susan Robertson
Trish A. and Craig T. Robinson
Rossana and James D. '84 '87 Robinson
Susan and Richard Robinson
Maribeth M. (Mattinson) '65 and John J. '63 Rodee
Rodolfo Rodriguez '00
Dave Roe
Andrew D. Rogers '02
Sonia Arlin and Francis W. Rollins III
Eileen L. and Walter J. Romanowski
Tim M. Ronan
Luke N. Roniger '08
Mary A. Root
Brenda J. Rose
Gerald A. Rosenberger
Christina M. and Duncan B. Ross
Susan and Byron C. '85 Roth
Mark Rowson
Karen and Stephen M. '80 Royce
Mike Rubario
Marideth C. Rus '02
Mary R. Casey and Craig Russell
Gordon Russell
Debi and J. Christopher Russell
Deborah L. and James C. Russell
Catherine A. Russo '07
Jacinta M. Ryan '79
Mary E. and James G. Ryan III
Debora S. and Michael Ryan
Rose Mary Ryan
Virginia Ryning
Bradley C. Sader '03
Buzzy Sailor
Mike E. Saipe '97
Shelley and Tony I. '78 Salay
Lois and Ronald Salcer
Signe A. Salminen '99
David P. Salmon
Shella Lee and Joseph Salvo
Kathleen and Devin J. '91 Samaha
Sandra K. and Steven R. Samaha
Paul Sanchez
Viola I. (Uribe) '85 and Luis Sanchez
Zach Sanchez
Richard G. Sander
Jennifer and John Sandoval
Lynn and Matty M. '83 '87 Sandoval
Virginia and Thomas J. Sands
L. Dominic Sanone '96
Mary and Louis Sanone
Cynthia B. Saraya
William C. Scandalis
James Schaller
Peggy C. and Andrew K. Schatzman
Carol Schatzman*
Joanne C. and Randy V. Schauer
F. Karen Scheer '89
John Schipano
Debra S. and Joseph J. '80 Schmidt III
Gina M. Schneider
Stephen G. Schneider
Jennifer Anne Sanders and Pete A. '94 Schoen
Wolfgang W. Scholz
Sue J. and John E. Schooler
Kahikina F. and Stephen D. Schrier
Kathleen A. (Hayes) Schumacher '91
Christoper Schumb
Mary Lou Sciarrillo
Frank Sciuto
Kay E. Scozzafava
Kathy A. and William H. '83 Scripps
Carla A. and Richard Scudellari
Nancy Seago
Sandy Seago
Paul Sears
Debbie and Helder Sebastiao
Patricia A. (Friel) '57 and John M. Seiber
Tami and Dean E. Senner
Judith V. and Mark W. Sewald
Michael F. Sexton '70
Frank Shadpour
Patricia M. Shaffer
The David H. Shaffer Family
Judy Ann and Michael Shano
Daniel G. Shea
Dan Shea
Chris Sheehan
Michael J. Shelly '05
Linda D. and Jon S. Sherburne
Lindsey A. Sherburne '06
Stephen J. Shipley '95
Dorrace and Edward G. Shoen
Jennifer A. and Martin Shramo
Jana Shuler
Paul Signorelli
Marilyn Silva
Jeff A. Silver '88
Jeanette M. Simon
Michael Simon
Louise Simpson
Debbie A. Sinopoli '89
Henry W. Sintay
Collette C. and Thomas F. '86 Sizer
Gregory J. Skarulis
Lisa E.C. and Thomas K. Slama
Jim Sleeper
John W. Smart
Christine M. Smith
Jared A. Smith '03
Patricia M. and John S. Smith
Merina L. and Professor Steven D. Smith
Joni M. and Stephen Smythe
Justin R. Snyder
Sue and Ky L. Snyder
Mario C. Solis '88
Sallie H. and Robert Solis
Kimberlie (Bevant) Sonnenberg
Cynthia and Robert E. Soper
Lauretta A. and Frank D. '86 Sorianello
Deborah and Angelo Soto
Rhonda R. Collie and Lawrence D. Soulia
Marie J. Southerland
Susan L. and Dean A. Spanos
Lynn Special
Kathi M. Spittel
Paul C. Spitzer
Patricia M. Splaine
Helen Spontak
Tara and Scott D. '93 Sporrer
Lisa and John Staab
Vinda and John D. Staab
Anita L. Stafford
Chris and Cathleen Stafford
Lesley K. and Ray W. Stahl
Alexander G. Stamatakis Jr. '89
Dollee and Don Stanaway
Shane and Michael Stanfield
Randalyn J. and Gregory Stanislawski
Thomas Staples-O'Loughlin
Lucia Romanov and James F. Stark
Larry L. Stears
Jill Lieber and James H. Steeg
Diane M. and Richard P. Stein
April D. (Neuman) '95 and Scott V. '95 Steingrebe
Rachel E. Stevens
Geoffrey S. Stirling '04
Frank Tomitz
Mike '81 and Margaret '84 '00 Stockalper
Matthew Stokes
Suzanne M. Stone '93 '96
L. Anne Woodley and Robert B. Stoney
Matthew H. Stowe
Linda J. and Walter Strazzara
Susan L. and Gary Stringfellow
Valerie A. Strocco '03
Catherine L. and Douglas A. Stumpfl
Dana A. (Schick) '98 and Bryan E. '98 Sullivan
Scott Sullivan
Susan M. Sullivan '77 '83
Martha S. Summa
Patricia G. Sumrell
Ashley A. Swart '06 '07
Gary Symington
Virginia D. and Jack W. '87 Tade Jr.
Regina A. Talia '07
Vicente Tamayo
Catherine Lenmark and Michael C. '96 Tanghe
Greg Tatsch
Wanda Tatsch
Jack Tausend
Zenaida G. and Peter C. Tausend
Joyce M. Taylor
Michael W. Taylor
Patricia B. (Buckley) '63 and Robert F. Teaff
Jacqueline S. and Joseph S. Tesoriero
Charise Silva and Paul J. '93 Tessaro
Christina W. and Allen W. '94 Tharp
Dale Theriot
Marc M. Thiebach '87 '93
Scott E. Thielman '95
Patricia H. and Douglas A. '81 Thomas
Scott P. Thomas
Margaret A. and Herb Thompson
Scott L. Thompson
Terrie K. Thompson
Coralie C. Thomson
Michael Tiagwad
Jeffrey E. Tipton
Jennifer J. and Josehp H. Toedt
John Toepfer
Julian Toma '02
Frank Tomitz
Joseph C. Tooker
Victor M. Torres '84 '88
Kevin Towers
Bethany and Valence S. Trainor
Anna and Don Tremblay
Celeste and A. Eugene Trepte
Janet H. and J.T. '60 Trily
Coleen and Ed Trimble
Rebecca M. and William Troost
Jeanne and Don Trudeau
Stephen J. Trudelle '04
Craig Turley
John H. Tweedie
Pam P. (Pinkston) '71 and James J. '70 Usher
Tiffany and Craig M. '91 Utterson
Nichole K. Valenzuela '08
Todd Van Boxtel '89
Eve B. and Thomas L. '83 Vance
Kosette Vargas
Marta and Michael A. Vasquez
Carmen Vazquez
Leonard Velez
Michelle and Christopher M. Velovich
Laura A. (Wuycheck) '90 and Peter E. '90 Venerdi III
Jennifer '95 McCann Vertetis and Thomas B. '94 Vertetis
Patricia Vesely
Greg A. Vickers '83
Monique M. Victor
Carmen M. Nuno and Lawrence D. Vinti
Natalie R. Vinti '10
Theresa Mary and Gary Voets
Ina M. Voets
Patty and John J. Voisinet
Mary Ann and Gordon R. '67 Volpi
Douglas P. Voss
Chase Wainwright
Dan Wainwright Jr.
Deborah S. Wainwright
Gerri Wainwright
Melinda and Jonathan M. Wainwright
Deborah L. and Mark A. '79 '86 Waldschmidt
Lori M. Wales
Megan E. (Shaw) '92 and John R. Wallace
Elizabeth Walsh
Frank J. Walsh '80
Denise L. and Peter C. Walsh
Candie K. and John A. Walter
Peter R. Ward
Jeanne and Terry Ward
Nita Wardlaw
June M. Warlop
Kelsey S. Watters '04
Kayleen N. and Mark A. Webster
Cynthia and William H. Weinfurtner
Mitchel I. Weisman
Charles E. Wells
Georgialee and Donald O. Wennerstrom
Marcella L. (Duncan) '92 and Cory Werre
Augustine Westerhuis
James H. Westlund '90 '05
Geraldine S. Wheeler
Melinda M. and Patrick E. '85 White
Carol L. and Arthur R. '63 Wical
Linda S. and S. Charles '61 '64 Wickersham
Cathy L. and Mark Wiebe
Timothy J. Wilbur '60
Lauren T. Wilde
Shari J. Wiles
Thera C. (Karas) '70 and James P. '69 Wilke
Christina Williams
Jacob M. Williams
Georgann and Jimmy L. Williams
Joslyn M. Williams '07
Erika and Matt D. Williams
Susan B. (Hall) '82 and Michael T. '82 Williams
Ryan M. Williams '99
Yvonne F. and Donald R. Wilske
Cheryle L. Wilson
Mary L. and Francis E. '62 Wilson Jr.
Marjie and H. L. W. Wilson
Stephanie D. (Darrah) '93 and Daniel Wilson
Curtis Windrem
Sylvia A. and Jeffery R. Wineinger
Lorraine Wineteer
Deborah and Peter A. Wiswesser
John D. Witherall
Desiree (Gouletas) '91 and Daniel C. Witte
Kathryn N. Wixted
Pat (Slattery) '68 and Stephen '67 Wojdowski
Joan and Ira Woletsky
Rose Woletsky
Charl Wolmarans '10
Allison R. Wolters '08
Kaye and Richard Woltman
Laura E. (Sides) '98 and Brady Wombolt
Patricia A. (Gill) '87 and Peter P. '87 Wood
M. Jeanne and Marvin Jamess Woodstrup
Patricia Brown and Mark Woolpert
Paul Woolridge
Jannie Wu
Deborah and Richard '83 Wunderle
Stephanie K. and John D. Wylie
Anna K. Yamamoto
Petia T. Yanchulova '00
Ashley B. Yergler '08
Kelly E. and Gary S. Yoon
Joan and Dennis Yost
Brittany A. Young '07 '08
Jacob S. Yount '09
Marlene P. and William A. Youpel
Virginia A. Stehly Yourg '83 and Daniel J. Yourg
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation
Gregory F. Zackowski '84 '86
Robert J. Zaino
Joyce D. and Ernest E. Zampese
Christine M. (Multari) '91 and Kenneth G. '89 Zampese
Ellen Irene and Robert J. Zawidski
Barbara M. and Mark S. '74 Zecca
Joan and James C. Zelko
Jane A. Ziegler '01
Rita F. and Vincent Zilius
Julia Zinke
Sheri K. and Tom Zipse
Laura S. and Steven A. Zuniga

Honoring Cumulative Giving of $1,000 and above

6th and Island Investments, LLC
Amsolar Holdings, LLC
Architects Mosher Drew Watson & Ferguson
Asset Management Group
Automobile Club of Southern California
Cahan Properties, Inc.
Cal Sheets LLC
Cardinal Brook Trust
Centex Glazing
The Century Club of San Diego
Chandler, Potter & Associates
Checkal Construction Co., Inc.
Colorama Paint and Supply
Cox Communications, Inc.
Davis Elen Advertising
De Young Family Survivor Trust
Dickerman LLC
Division One Sports
EMS Construction, Inc.
Friends of Golf, Inc.
G.C. Morgan Construction Co., Inc.
G.S. Levine Insurance Services, Inc.
Gatto, Pope, & Walwick, LLP
Guava Beach Bar & Grill
High Dive City, Inc.
The R.D. & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
Jack A. Vickers Foundation
Johnson & Jennings General Contracting
K.T. Charitable Organization, Inc.
La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
Land Development Strategies
Latitude 33-Planning and Engineering
Legacy Building Services, Inc.
Levine, Garfinkel & Katz
Liquid Investments, Inc.
Lyon & Lyon, Inc.
M.A. Engineers, Inc.
Mangia, Inc.
Matranga & Riley, CPA's
Marie and Paul McDonough Foundation
McMahon Steel Company, Inc.
McNamara Purcell Foundation
Michael Wall Engineering
The National Collegiate Athletic Association
Pacific Surgical Technology, Inc.
Pacific Western Bank
Pecoraro, Inc.
Protech Roofing Service
Quarry Collection
Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities
Riviera Pacific Investments, Inc.
RMH Insurance Services, Inc.
Roth Capital Partners, LLC
Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.
San Diego Chargers Charities
San Diego Chargers Football Company
The San Diego Foundation
The San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum
San Diego Ocean Enterprises, Inc.
SC Engineering
Science Applications International Corporation
SENTRE Partners, Inc.
Sharp Business Systems
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
SLPI, Inc.
Sol Vista Management Group, Inc.
Southland Electric, Inc.
Spears Construction, Inc.
Sun Bowl Association
Tio Leo's Mexican Restaurant
University Sports Publications Co., Inc.
Washington Iron Works
Wells Fargo
West Coast Conference
Woodward Family Foundation
Yoga Tropics
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation