Non-Resident Tax Preparation

Student Tax Return

As an international student or scholars in the U.S. you are obligated to file a U.S. tax return during your stay. Understanding the U.S. tax system and filing a tax return is an overwhelming and confusing experience for any student.

To make things easier for you, University of San Diego has teamed up with Sprintax - an easy-to-use tax preparation tool, to guide you through the tax preparation process!

Why should you file a tax return?

  • Stay tax compliant - Failing to file may impact the status of your current visa and make future U.S. visa applications difficult.
  • Avoid penalties - If you miss the April 18th Deadline you may face late filing penalties. Filing prior to this date prevents this, so the earlier you file, the better.
  • You may be owed a tax refund - most international students filing a tax return are due a tax refund for overpaid tax. The average refund is $900. It's worth checking if you are due a refund.

Get Started With Sprintax

  1. Register here
  2. Answer some easy to understand questions
  3. Sprintax will do the calculations and prepare your tax return(s)
  4. You print out the forms, sign them and send them to the tax authorities


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