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Note: The Cashier's Office accepts payments by cash and check only. Please visit the Student Accounts website for other payment options.

Check Cashing

University policy permits personal checks to be cashed as indicated below. We do not cash payroll checks or third party checks. Note: A $25 returned check fee will be charged to any check that is returned uncollected.

  • Employee Limit: $100/day

Petty Cash

To obtain petty cash, you must fill out a Petty Cash Voucher form (Excel). When preparing a voucher, please keep the following in mind:

  • Vouchers must be signed by the authorized personnel. The individual requesting the funds cannot authorize the petty cash request.
  • The limit for petty cash is $100 per day, per department.
  • When requesting a petty cash advance, two copies are required: one copy is for the cashier to keep when the petty cash is requested and one copy is for the department to return to the Cashier's Office with original receipts attached. Original receipts for your advance must be remitted in person within five (5) days of your petty cash advance.
  • All petty cash request must be submitted with original receipts. We do not accept copies. If you are missing a receipt or have only a copy, please complete a Missing Receipt Declaration form (PDF) to accompany the petty cash.

Departmental Deposit

Deposits must be accompanied by a Cashier's Office Deposit Form (Excel). Please follow these guidelines when making a deposit:

  • Deposits must include the complete G.L or POETS string.
  • Deposits must be remitted in a sealed envelope.

Sample Deposit Receipt (PDF)