Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain an account number for my grant or contract?
Once a new award is processed by the Office of Sponsored Programs, an award notice is sent to Grants & Contracts. Grants & Contracts then establishes a new account within Oracle for that particular award. Provided all paperwork is accurate, a new account will typically be opened within one to three business days

How can I transfer costs for goods and services from my project to another project?
A cost transfer for goods and services or a correction to expenses already processed may be handled by completing the Journal Entry (Cost Transfer) Request form (Excel). Please forward the completed form to Grants and Contracts Accounting in Hughes Center 335 or

Whom should I contact regarding no-cost extension requests?
If you would like to request a no-cost extension, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs via email at, or by phone at (619) 260-6825.

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What are the current staff benefit and Facilities and Administrative (indirect cost) rates?
A dual set of fringe benefit rates are maintained by the university: one set of rates applicable to Federal grants and contracts, and one set of rates for everything else.

Effective 07/01/2016 Federal Programs USD and Non-Federal
Benefit Based Employees 29.40% 35.65%
Retirement Based Employees 7.80% 21.68%
Non-Benefit Based Employees 7.80% 9.68%
Non-Benefit Based Students 0% 1.39%
Facilities and Administrative rate 39% Varies
Effective 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2016
Federal Programs USD and Non-Federal
Benefit Based Employees 29.00% 35.65%
Retirement Based Employees 8.10% 21.68%
Non-Benefit Based Employees 8.10% 9.68%
Non-Benefit Based Students 0% 1.39%
Facilities and Administrative rate 39.00% Varies

What is the Facilities and Administrative Cost Allocation?
Beginning fiscal year 06/07, the university will allocate a portion of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost recovered from sponsored programs to the principal investigator, the department, as well as the Dean. To find out more about the procedure, please read the Facilities and Administrative Cost Allocation Procedures (PDF).

Whom should I contact regarding the F&A account (F source) administration?
Please contact the appropriate Grants and Contracts Accountant, according to the list on the Grants and Contracts Contact Information web page.

What is a Time/Effort Certification?
A Time/Effort Certification is used to ensure that each account is charged only for effort expended for that particular project. In no case should payroll and benefit costs charged to a project exceed the actual percentage of effort expended. Please note that actual payroll charges are changed exclusively through the Departmental Action Form (DAF) submitted to Human Resources/Payroll through Debbie Gough, Associate Provost. It is the responsibility of the Project Director and cognizant Dean to ensure DAFs are processed in a timely manner such that payroll and benefits costs are properly charged.

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