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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact for questions regarding my accounts?
Contact Maria Preciado, Accounting Manager, at extension 7410 for questions regarding unrestricted accounts. Contact the Office of the Controller at extension 2302 for questions regarding grant, contract, restricted and endowment accounts and your call will be directed to the appropriate staff member. You can also email us at and your question will be directed appropriately.

Whom should I contact for deposit corrections?
For current fiscal year gifts and other deposits, please forward requests to change or correct account numbers directly to the Cashier. Correction requests to prior year cash receipts should be submitted in writing along with appropriate documentation to the Office of the Controller. Please note that financial accounting standards prevent us from reallocating any gift without written approval from the donor.

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Whom should I contact for questions regarding my monthly budget reports?
The answer to this question depends on the issue:

  • Questions regarding expense transactions (e.g., incorrect amounts or expenses charged to the wrong budget line) should be directed to Maria Preciado, Accounting Manager, at extension 7410.
  • Questions regarding your budget or line item budget appropriations should be directed to Charles Moeller, Budget Analyst, at extension 2399.

How do I obtain my monthly expenditures and available budget figures?
Financial information for departments, grants, contract, restricted gifts and endowments is obtained directly from the Oracle application, on a real-time basis. See the Oracle Training web page for further information.

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How can I transfer expenses for goods and services from my project to another project?
An expense transfer for goods and services or a correction to expenses already processed may be handled by completing the Journal Entry Request Form (Excel).

What is the university's policy on endowment spending?
Endowment spending allowances are calculated at four percent of the trailing three-year average of each endowment fund's market value. See the Endowment web page for further information.

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What are costs for ‘Burdened Benefits’ that appear in my Oracle expenditure detail?
Burdened Benefits represent fringe benefit costs associated with paying an employee. The university uses a dual system for charging fringe benefits: one set of rates applies to Federal grants and contracts, and one set of rates applies for everything else.

Effective 07/01/2014

  Federal Programs USD and Non-Federal
Benefit Based Employees 29.00%


Retirement Based Employees 7.90%


Non-Benefit Based Employees 7.90% 9.68%
Non-Benefit Based Students 0% 1.39%
Facilities and Administrative rate 54.50% Varies

Whom should I contact for credit disclosure requests and requests for taxpayer identification number and certification (W-9)?
Contact Dorothy Smith at extension 2302 or email for both forms.

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