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Common Data Set, Fall 2001

Data are available for each of the topics listed below.
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A. General Information

A1. Address Information
Name of College or University
     University of San Diego
Mailing Address, City/State/Zip
     5998 Alcalá Park
     San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Main Phone Number
     (619) 260-4600
WWW Home Page Address
Admissions Phone Number
     (619) 260-4506
Admissions Toll-free Number
     (800) 248-4873
Admissions Office Mailing Address, City/State/Zip
     Office of Undergraduate Admissions
     5998 Alcalá Park
     San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Admissions Fax number
     (619) 260-6836
Admissions E-mail Address
If there is a separate URL for your school's online application, please specify:

A2. Source of institutional control(check one only)
_ Public
X Private (nonprofit)
_ Proprietary

A3. Classify your undergraduate institution:
X Coeducational college
_ Men's college
_ Women's college

A4. Academic year calendar
_ Semester
_ Quarter
_ Other
X 4-1-4
_ Continuous
_ Differs by program describe):

A5. Degrees offered by your institution
_ Certificate
_ Associate
_   Transfer
_   Terminal
X Bachelor's
X Postbachelor's certificate
X Master's
X Post-master's certificate
X Doctoral degree - research/scholarship
X Doctoral degree - professional practice
X Doctoral degree - other